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Artillery Re-balance Idea: Delaying Information

Artillery Rebalance Nerf Buff Arty SPG Rework

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ColonelShakes #41 Posted May 18 2019 - 12:40


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View PostNorseskald, on May 15 2019 - 22:06, said:


could you show this math?


I looked and looked and I couldn't find yours.  


Post it.  Let's see what you got.

Zetar #42 Posted May 22 2019 - 22:11


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What a bunch of whining. Know what I heard? They are banning curve balls in baseball because too many batters could not hit them and 80% of the crowd wants home runs. Guess what...learn to play and I'm sorry if the kids don't like not being able to race their hotwheels around and cliff dive without being blasted when a knowledgeable player track shoots them and guess what...I gotcha. Its PART OF THE GAME - I have just as much fun playing a random and my noob team leaves a pipeline open for a LT to base jump and I'm dead. Want to nerf the arty? sure...then do away with its INCREDIBLY long reload time so when you brave little twerps arty hunt I can blow you 10' in the air. Maybe Monopoly is better suited for you!!  I had to deal with assisting my team with stun while once in a while finding someone at 15% that i can kill. I used to be able to drop one right on your ammo but...I deal with it...YOU deal with it. --and don't camp =) ---I will be watching. 

TA_Reaper #43 Posted May 22 2019 - 22:28


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Give me arty any day over these new clown cars. Hit arty with a SU-130PM 130MM round and it goes poof dead done. Hit a damn clown car for 500 plus damage and off it goes laughing all the way as it hits you three times as it runs off. Ya I will live with arty any day over clown cars.

ArtyExpress #44 Posted May 28 2019 - 01:49


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to make the game more fun, you should put the artillery again as in version 1 of the game, and let the forums fill up again for weeping tankers for 6 months.

the gunners would be more than pleased and the developers would make a masterful move in the game.

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