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Sidescraping Technique

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southtown00 #1 Posted May 15 2019 - 17:42


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Ive been wondering about sidescrapping. So your angled and your side is exposed. But the rear of your tracks are out in the open. I watched a bunch of tutorials and videos and your angled with your rear out slightly just enough to move and stick your gun out when your ready to fire. Why don't you get instantly tracked every time?

PotatoLegend99 #2 Posted May 15 2019 - 18:02

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The tracks have their own HP pool that's entirely separate from the tank's HP. All modules have their own HP pool. That HP pool needs to reach zero for the tracks to get destroyed. It's not much though...around 100-200HP I think...


And also, unless a person shoots HE rounds, the enemy tanks needs to be hitting the track wheel as well.

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moogleslam #3 Posted May 15 2019 - 18:04


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Sometimes you do get tracked multiple times, but if you're just getting tracked and not taking damage, that's fine.

_Tsavo_ #4 Posted May 15 2019 - 18:05


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Tracks have hitpoints themselves and can tank a hit or two before being tracked.  That's why they show up as yellow after being hit and allowed to naturally repair.  If one is properly side scraping, they'll be showing a highly angled side and a minimal frontal profile, experienced players will probably pass on a track shot while they are in that position, you want to track them when they are in a position least favorable to them, say when they've pulled back far enough to shoot and thus are presenting their largest frontal profile.  

dunniteowl #5 Posted May 15 2019 - 18:07


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          The Idea Behind Side Scraping:


     The principle is presented pretty well in this link:  World of Tanks Game Guide -- Tactics  It is just past the armor angling points comparing the degree of angling and their effectiveness.


In sidescraping, you are literally protecting a majority portion of your tank's front end with the angle and cover.  Most tanks at a proper sidescrape will bounce most any shot and the tracks are usually difficult to hit at all.  Even so, that can be defeated with HE, so there's that to consider as well.  If all that happens to you is that you get tracked, then you are occupying that unit or units with something of a Sisyphean task in attempting to destroy you and only managing tracking module damage and the occasional splash.  That's better than taking one in the face most times or your lower glacis.


Hope that helps.




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Jambijon #6 Posted May 15 2019 - 18:08

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Boghie #7 Posted May 15 2019 - 22:46


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Well, getting tracked ain't such a bad deal...


If you have repair skills and/or equipment then you will fix those tracks quickly.  Now, you are 'inside' the enemies reload/aim process.  What that means is that you can now remain - or get into - a firing solution, get loaded, and get pre-aimed.  For that guy who tracked you to do anything useful he has load his weapon, back up, aim and shoot.  In that time you fire off your pre-aimed shot and scoot behind cover.  He might get the back of your tracks.  But, who cares, you now have the edge.


To me, this is the best training video I have seen on the technique of sidescraping ('Tactics Talk:  How to Sidescrape', Guido1212):


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southtown00 #8 Posted May 16 2019 - 17:39


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Okay I'm kind of getting the picture a little better. What do you guys think about reverse sidescraping though. If you have a front turret and you could hide your front plate and keep the engine behind the corner so all they can hit is the front of your turret? I did watch that blocking armor video earlier and realize that I've been sidescraping sticking my nose out but at an angle and now I realize why people people but the rear out. it seems counterintuitive to me because more of your tank is exposed but now it makes a way more sense. I still been playing that tiger one though and that thing is hard to bounce shots sidescraping unless you do it perfectly.

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