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Why do people sometimes pop off a random shot right at the beginning of the game?

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GWyatt #21 Posted May 19 2019 - 19:12

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Just an FYI southtown00, the reason there is not training rooms and the like that you can enter by yourself, according to WG, is the a training room takes up nearly as many resources on the server as a full random battle. The compromise is requiring at least two to enter a training room.

As far as setting up targets, like you are thinking, if you can get a buddy into a training room, you could have them setup at different distances from you and shoot at them to see what happens. Or, and I will deny saying this, if you had a second account setup on another machine, you could play in the training room against yourself. I've though about it but I don't have second machine right now that can handle WOT.

MagillaGuerilla #22 Posted May 19 2019 - 21:38


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Sometimes I need to adjust my sound, so I'll fire a round.

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