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Frontline Invisible Shadow Tanks?

Frontline bug invisible invisible tanks shadow shadow tanks

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Jasper_Seven #1 Posted May 17 2019 - 04:45

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I tried to do a quick search...


Is no one else coming across the occasional "shadow tank", where there is a shadow rectangle moving across the ground and the tag hovering above it is semi transparent  or grayed out a bit?   I haven't figured out if it is an actual player or some weird artifact, but the ones i've seen look more like they are drifting across the land, rather than driving, and sometimes this seem to take hits where the damage amount is shown, but the hit points don't reduce?  Its weird.

tod914 #2 Posted May 17 2019 - 04:49


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I have seen a few.  Or make that not seen a few.  I know I pushed/bumped some by accident as well. Some camo rating.


Here's one in front of my Lynx.







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cloudwalkr #3 Posted May 17 2019 - 04:50


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It's a known glitch.  Probably be patched soon I'd bet.

CardboardJedi #4 Posted May 18 2019 - 18:39


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I just wonder if they are invisible to the opposing team as well 

BeastsOfBattle #5 Posted May 18 2019 - 20:26

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I can't discribe the spot very well but the is a place just west of the E cap that if I sit and cover (on defence) a defile the enemy tanks always pop into existence when they are proximity detect close having to cross an open area of at least that distance. No obstructions or anything to block the view but you can't see them until they are proximity detect close. I've seen this happen in the same place in many games over this and the last round.

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