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On Tracks still not working

On Track

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Pepino1976 #1 Posted May 17 2019 - 17:10


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Sigh. All the battles I played Wednesday and Thursday did not add up at all for the On Track. They are all back at 0 for both the Sheridan and WA-132-1 On Tracks. I spent time in Frontline but I did have time to play both of my light tanks for grinding the On Track. I purchased my US T71 CMCD on Wednesday and I played 17 battles in it yet I have 0 Experience in the On Track. Same with my Chinese WZ-132A.


So the only thing I get out of playing the On Tracks is the XP or Crew XP bonuses when I am in the top ten in a battle as none of my XP adds up to the next day.


Yea, there is a pinned thread that says Missions Down. I just want to make sure everyone knows that if you are doing the On Tracks don't expect anything to accumulate. It's just whatever you can do each day then start again the next day.


Well, at least the discount on regular vehicles is working. Got my T71 CMCD for 30% off and if I make it to the M41 Walker Bulldog in enough time that will be 30% off too.


Good luck

Rolling_coffin_1 #2 Posted May 18 2019 - 00:34


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I think they changed the rules you have to get the 25k in one day.  Really stupid if you ask me.   Prior to this change I use to like the on tracks.  

13Jake55 #3 Posted May 18 2019 - 00:53

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They did. Have to do it in 1 day to get token.

Kilroy__WasHere #4 Posted May 18 2019 - 04:12


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The On Track Mission has been changed to 1 in 24 hour and resetting daily.


This is a big change.  Is this intentional or a mistake?


Also (not a surprise) the premium account managed x3 exp doesn't count toward the 25K exp.

Mokoma #5 Posted May 18 2019 - 04:16


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Is it changed for the other on track (Sheridan I think? Can’t quite remember) too, or just the WZ redo?

ARC_rudeboy #6 Posted May 18 2019 - 07:29


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View PostMokoma, on May 17 2019 - 22:16, said:

Is it changed for the other on track (Sheridan I think? Can’t quite remember) too, or just the WZ redo?


  The WZ on track redo doesn't reset daily now, but the credit discounts are gone.

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