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FL: Damage? You don't need no stinkin' Damage! (The blind squirrel has eaten)

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g327 #1 Posted May 17 2019 - 19:04

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Last night I achieved the rank of General of the Army. It was my first GotA in two seasons, and only the second time I made it to General.


The game stats:

26 minutes in duration

Lost battle (our team failed to destroy objectives)

We won all 6 caps with about 7 minutes to go (meaning we drove around shooting red tanks instead of shooting objectives; it was almost a perfect scenario)

Our team had one other General, 3 Majors, and at least 12 Captains


My stats in the battle:

Only 5,122 damage (no better than 17th highest on the team, two teammates- a major and a captain- had over 2x that damage total)

Only 6,417 assisted damage

Only 175,515 credits earned (117,009 before Premium Account adjustment)

Only 4 tanks destroyed (teammates had 9-8-7 kills, at least 4 others had 5 kills)

Only 1 tank spotted

Shooting: 49 shots, 29 hits, 16 penetrations

No shots on objectives



I accumulated 1802 XP (2704 after Premium Account Adjustment) because:

I had 4 zone captures

I earned 227 base capture points

I caused ~3900 damage inside 300 meters (meaning most of the damage inflicted was in/near the caps)


I took photos of the results on the pc screen. If I knew how to attach them to this post for verification, I would.





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