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Finally Cold-blooded, eluded me for almost 1500 games.


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Rocker_Box #1 Posted May 17 2019 - 22:52


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I'll admit that when I loaded onto Paris map with my M37 I groaned.


I hate to lose, but if you got to lose you might as well go out in style!


 Four kills, top damage for my team, and shot-gunned the first two scouts that came looking for their Pascucci's Metal. Cool-blooded award that I've come so close to getting more times then I can count mine at last!


Laughing like a manic when I poked the corner, and blapped a Hetzer for another 120 damage. I was hoping those three tanks around the corner would try to push on my reload, but Naaa they didn't want their paint scratched and waited for me to get flanked :( 


All in all, I'm very glad I didn't exclude Paris from my map selection. Maybe because of the times I've had red tankers round a corner on that map to find themselves staring into the barrel of an SPG gun. It's always priceless!

DVK9 #2 Posted May 17 2019 - 23:31

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Himms and Paris are my banned maps.

Just no place to go as arty that everyone and their mothers dont know about.

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