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WOT doesn't have any matches for new players to learn

Noob Tomato

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CannonTarget #1 Posted May 18 2019 - 03:56


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So, while I'm not a total NOOB, and I'm trying to get better, and failing.  And, playing matches is absolutely no fun, especially on weekends.


I'm trying to learn the basics, so I've got a Tier-2 tank I'm trying to play to grind up, to work on the basics.  I'm playing it because I suck (look at my stats, I really suck, and I'm not getting any better, if anything, I'm getting worse.)


So, I'm playing matches, and 2/3 of the players in the Tier-2 (with the occasional Tier-3 tanks thrown in) have > 50% win rates, and a WN8 > 4K, 25% of them over 6K. And, the toxicity of match is awful, with people [edited]about how bad the other players are when they die. Low tiers SHOULD be a place to learn, right?


Even if my team wins because we have more skilled players than the other team, I have no part in the success, or even get a chance to participate. I get killed almost immediately by a tank with a multiple skill crew, or by a Unicum who re-rolled his account so he could seal-club for fun.  I'm the seal, and I can tell you it's no fun to try and learn something, only to get killed less than 2 minutes into the match.  Or, if I camp, I live, but the game is over because we lost and I get killed by a 5 on 1, or we win and I haven't made a single shot.


My clan is great, and are very helpful, but because I suck, I can't be expected to spend all my hours on the game with them holding my hand, and at some point, I have to apply the things they are trying to teach me.  However, I don't have any place to be a noob and play against other noobs.  It's like I'm learning to drive by getting on a Nascar track.  I get run over, crash my car, and I'm in the garage before the first 10 laps are done.


Yeah, I get the statement that you learn more by playing against better players, but when they are 10x the player that I am, there's nothing for me to learn by dying immediately, other than the game, like life is not fair.





3BAC #2 Posted May 18 2019 - 04:06


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I played for almost 10,000 battles before I finally figured how to play better. You're already aware you're bad, so you will probably figure it out in half the time.


madogthefirst #3 Posted May 18 2019 - 04:11


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Just embrace the suck, focus on what you can control and roll with it.

Insanefriend #4 Posted May 18 2019 - 04:12


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If you want help CannonTarget let me know, I can give you some help.  Questions about most aspects of the game I can answer.

WaywardChild #5 Posted May 18 2019 - 04:17


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You are totally right and I agree with you. Keep at it, you will get better and it will be more fun. I would like to suggest that you move up to tier III. Grab a : T-127 and BT-7, Stuart I-IV, Pz 38 (t) or a Marder II and play your heart out for a couple more thousand games. Move up to the A20 and up the line, switch Stuart crew to Covenanter and up that line. The Pz 38 line is fun, switch the M3 crew to the M4 line and go up it. The Marder line is fun. There will be cherry pickers in each tier always, don't let them sweat you. Have fun your way and relish it when you toast somebody. Good luck, we all been there....

GenPanzer #6 Posted May 18 2019 - 04:45


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Well I hope when you do die, you don't just go back to the garage and pick another tank. I hope you are clicking other players alive and watching them play. You can learn a lot of what to do and what not to do when watching other players. They may show you something you haven't learned yet.

242dEngrBn #7 Posted May 18 2019 - 05:14


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I'm almost at 7K battles, and I'm much better than when I started, but I still suck.  I know what to do, but I have trouble doing it: still getting stuck against buildings and rocks, still missing with half of my shots, etc.  I'm starting to know how to play my T-67, and I'm learning the maps.  The issue is I don't play enough.  I play every day for a couple of weeks, and surprise, I start playing noticeably better.  Work picks up and I skip several days and another surprise, I've gotten worse.


The trick is to keep playing on a regular basis and your play will start improving.  Learn the maps, and grind on a couple of tanks in each genre until you find a style you like the best.  Then play that Hvy, Med, Light, TD or Gun over and over until you know it inside out, how to fight it, & where to fight it.  Train the crew over and over.  You'll see improvement, I guarantee it.

Finally, don't let the jerkwads get to you.  The main reason they play is not to get better, but to insult and abuse lesser players.  Its the part of the game they enjoy the most. Screw 'em, I say.  Often, I'm still alive with a score that ranks me above my spot on the team, they're dead, and they're telling me I don't know how to play.

el_01 #8 Posted May 18 2019 - 05:20


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If you need help from a fellow clannie I'm here xD


Try your best, don't YOLO, @dunniteowl can tell you quite a few things, watch good players both after you've died and on YouTube (LemmingRush and quite a few have helped me learn not to be so stupid), and ask for help.


You're on a good track, don't worry about it.

Jolly33 #9 Posted May 18 2019 - 06:32

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Tier 2 is just run & gun with lots of auto-cannons...not the place to learn WOT.


Move up to tiers 4 & 5.  Tier 5 is the best for learning the game.  Tanks can angle armor, no machine guns, etc.  Much better environment to learn.

ChaseR392 #10 Posted May 18 2019 - 07:26

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Hang in there OP...


Even when you "git more gud" you will still have rough patches... they happen to everybody. I've been getting clobbered for the last couple days from Tiers 3 all the way to 8... it doesn't matter. As dunniteowl would say it is "my turn on the wheel"... which usually happens every 4 or 5 days.


As others have recommended... try to move up to at least Tier 3... Tiers 1 and 2 are a **** show with not even a hint of strategy or teamwork.


In Tier 3, the premium T-127 is a good choice, its slow for a light but it has the armor to survive the autocannon attacks (they don't end at Tier 2 btw). I would recommend (from personal experience) that you give TDs a try. The Marder II is a good choice, as are the SU-76M (run the 57mm gun) and the IKV 72. Grab you a camo net and some binoculars and hang back and watch the battle unfold. You aren't going to be able to do much about the low tier lemming rushes but you can support the weaker flank from a safe distance and rack up some damage and kills.


Have you completed the Bootcamp missions and gotten your free Tier 6 tank token? They won't teach you everything but they will allow to pick up a higher tier tank that can help get you out of the "bag of fighting squirrels" that is lower tiers.


A final bit of advice... the focus other players winrate and WN8 is going to lead you down a dangerous path to confirmation bias. As soon as you resign to yourself to loose because "XVM said so".... you are going to lose. You have just as good a chance of getting good players on your team as the reds do (given a large enough sample size). Looking at somebody's winrate or player rating can be misleading, everybody's performance and skill varies from game to game and is dependent on tank type. Heck I'm an "orange" player and yet I have tanks that I'm green and blue in... but you don't know that looking at my overall stats. 


I will tell you this.... your stats are better than mine were at 2000 battles. Now at 4500 battles, I've gone from a tomato to an orange who is slowly getting to close to being a lemon. Give it time you will get there too.

KaiserWilhelmShatner #11 Posted May 18 2019 - 08:16


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People have been asking for a decent tutorial for years.

Like the Six Sense for all it's never going to happen.


dunniteowl #12 Posted May 18 2019 - 14:53


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The New Player experience is definitely in need of some 'rebalancing' from WG.  It would seem, however, that they have their collective hands full making new interfaces we aren't asking for, a WGC to run them all that works like crap and still dealing with the fallout from the 3/5/7 MM template.  So I'm guessing they're still too busy to focus on a good set of training matches, proper training rooms and a better set of guides and tutorials to help you out.


No worries!  There's help from the Community!  There's THIS:  The WoT Welcome Package (version 1)


I collected these things together, because I thought they were the best up front New Player and Struggling Player information available.  I added a couple thoughts of my own into the mix and voila -- New Player directed training material.


I haven't figured out how to deal with the training rooms issue in what I consider a fair manner, but that's WGs bailiwick and not mine, so there's that to consider.



Meanwhile, welcome to your training!  We call it In-Game Training.  It's like on the job training only you're not working, so -- In-Game Training.  No sir, we don't have no sissy, just drive over here and shoot that lone tank sitting still minding its own business scenarios here, huh uh.  You gotta learn to play by playing while you learn or learning while you play, whichever order fits you bestest.


From this material, IMO, all else follows from, sticks to or builds upon for your experience and/or improvement.  I had to do all this while I played and most others will, too.


Luckily, you are here WAY before I was at the point of looking for how to improve (and I'm still clawing my way upwards, make no mistake) and went far and wide from my couch on the internet to find this stuff amongst the veritable TON of stuff out there with 'training' in mind.


Nothing in there could be considered 'advanced' or even really 'intermediate' level stuff as presented.  Again, though, from this material all other builds.  This is the foundation of information that, if paid attention to, WILL make you a better tanker, no matter how good or not you think you are at this point.



Now, here's one last thing I will suggest:  Forget how good or bad everyone else is at this game as far as your team mates and opponents go.  You are the only player that matters at any given point in time when it comes to what to do or what can you do to:



Do Damage

Help Your Team



As far as you are objectively concerned, you can only do you and no amount of wishing, cajoling or chat entreaties evoked to others will effectively change that.  So, even if you realize that your team is badly deployed, or that they Lemming Trained (again) you have to deal with it here, now, on this map in this game.


The more you focus on how good or bad the other players are, regardless of whether or not they are on your team, the more time you are wasting your attention on something that CHANGES NOTHING and HAS NO BEARING on YOU playing your best right now.  So, the advice is this:  Stop looking at the stats and scores of others as a means to criticize or judge others -- or as a means to make yourself feel better about the outcomes.  


Anything that you can glean from stats of others is not really applicable to you, other than as a comparison.  Your stats are your stats and they are there to show you where YOU are strong, weak, effective, need improvement, etc. and for no other reason.  This is NOT about stat shaming or trying to feel superior while making someone feel inferior.  I don't care about any of that and neither should you -- or anyone.


You are wasting your mental energy, time and attention on things that do not help you play better, keep you focused on playing your best or allow you a distinct boost in performance.  No matter who you look at, how long you stare at them, which side they are on, their stats do not change the outcomes and they will not suddenly gel for you and make you play better, either.


Focus on learning how to manage your crews and their skills/perks.  Focus on the characteristics of your tank and learning to leverage the strengths while minimizing its weaknesses via use of modules, consumables and Crew with the Appropriate for THAT tank Skills/Perks over time.  Focus on learning one or two NEW things at a time until you are sure you know them and have seen how they change your outcomes for the better.  Then take on another one once that is well incorporated into your playing habits.



Lastly, Welcome to the Madness that is World of Tanks (PC)!



Prayton007 #13 Posted May 18 2019 - 15:21


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with only 2k battles and your stats I say you don't suck, not bad for just starting out. LVL2 is a hard level to learn in as it only focus on aiming and armor at that LVL is a joke lol.  Keep grinding up and at the same time, practice reading the map.  When you play a certain tank, some areas are better than others depending on what tank you play. Just because you are playing a tank that is listed as a heavy does not mean go head to head with other heavies, in some heavies, you'll get nuke in seconds. When you get to around lvl 5, start saving ALL your replays, then take time to look at some of your loss games and try to see how you got nuked. Will help you see some mistakes. The hard part is trying to learn tanks armor due to SO MANY different tanks in the game, read your pen indicator. don't waste time on a red spot (unless your shooting HE).  utube reviews have good info on the tank you are looking to get or want to understand better. AND PLEASE< PRETTY PLEASE, do not become one of the worthless trash players that only load gold rounds, it will only hurt your skill and teach you nothing. Gold rounds has its place and time, just another trick to learn. 


Isola_di_Fano #14 Posted May 18 2019 - 15:42


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Hey, Cannon,


In tiers 1 to 4 you will not learn much except how to rush ahead fast and die even faster ...

Get out of low tiers as fast as possible to learn the game.


Get in your Churchill 3 to get your first victory of the day, then transfer the crew on the KV-1 and play 5 or 10 battles in it everyday.

The point is to get you a crew with a minimum of 2 skills, 3 is better; that will take you a couple of hundreds of battles where you will learn about the mechanics.

Those 2 tanks ain't fast, so you won't end up alone up front and die to fast. If there are other heavies, same tier or 1 tier up follow them, look at what they do.

When your tank is destroyed, follow a friendly heavy to see what he does, it may give you tips and ideas.


About the KV-1 gun:

once you have enough experience, you can fiddle around with the 57mm or the 122mm guns if you want.

For now get the 85mm. it will pen more often and do more damage for you; you will pen most tier 5 with it, a lot of tier 6, and will need to aim on tier 7.

You need 4 pens per match to do about 600 damage; that should be your goal.

Since you will play those 2 tanks for a little while, invest in equipment, it makes a HUGE difference: rammer and vents on both, possibly gld on the KV and toolbox on the Church.

The Churchill has 110 pen with regular ammo, again you will need to learn where to pen on some tanks, but that is a good thing.


I felt that 5 prem rounds on the KV and maximum 10 on the Church was enough; more than that I felt I was losing silver.


You could do the same with your 2 prem mediums but it is a bit more difficult.

Stick with the KV for now, it is a good sturdy forgiving tank.


Good luck.


Edit: just re-read your post. Forget NASCAR, get in the KV, it is slow enough to prevent you from being the first one killed.

About the winrate, forget about that for now, you are at 47-48% you are fine; worry about that when you get to 5k games if you really want to.




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