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Beausabre #1 Posted May 20 2019 - 00:58


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Beginning as the Cavalry Journal a century and a quarter ago, Armor Magazine is the house organ of the US Army Armor School. I've been reading it since I was a cadet, which means I'm creeping up on fifty years! MagazinesMYou can read the current and back issues for free here.



This is the table of contents of the current issue

ARMOR Winter 2019 edition

FeaturesDownload PDF


On the Employment of Armor
by MAJ Amos C. Fox

Force Modernization of the Armored Brigade Combat Team
by COL Dawson A. Plummer, MAJ K. Derrick Rice, CPT Horace H. Peek V

'Kachi Kapshida!' – Rotational Armored Brigade Combat Team Experience in Korea
by COL Steven J. Adams and MAJ Nate Garner

Soviet IS-3 'Stalin' Heavy Tank: Importance of Getting Assessment Right
by retired MAJ James M. Warford

Reconsidering Division Cavalry Squadrons Part III
by MAJ Nathan Jennings

Mounted Infantry Brigade Combat Team Scout Platoons Struggle With Stealth
by 1LT Brian Sikma

12th Cavalry Regiment’s Early Contribution to Building Post-Vietnam Armored Force
by Tom Rozman

Protection across the Domains: Electronic Warfare in the Armored-Cavalry Squadron
by CPT Kevin Zhang and CPT Michael Grdina

MOS 19M: the Mechanized Warrior
by Alex Turkatte

'Rough-Cut CoAs' and Other Ways to Modify Military Decision-Making Process for Constrained Planning Timelines
by MAJ Gary M. Klein

What Now? Rapid Decision-Making Synchronization Process: the Planning Tool You Didn’t Know You Were Missing
by COL Esli T. Pitts

Training Management: Old is New
by COL Stuart S. Smith


Chief of Armor's Hatch: We Must Be Masters of Our Craft
by BG Lesperance/CIG

Gunner's Seat: Proficiency and Stability
by CSM Kevin Muhlenbeck

Books review: Allied Armor + Waffen SS; Traumatic Defeat; Vitebsk.
Reviews by retired COL D.J. Judge, LTC Chris Heatherly, MAJ T.G. Heck

Index of 2018 authors and articles

Armor and Cavalry Medal of Honor Heroes: Blackmar through Blunt, Boehm through Boon

Tanks of the World:

Featured unit:
38th Cavalry Regiment




More to come and you can chime in with your contributions

jt1alta #2 Posted May 20 2019 - 02:00

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Thank you Beausabre, looks like good reading.

Beausabre #3 Posted Jun 01 2019 - 16:41


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The second installment consists of Military Review, the house organ of the Army's oldest service school, now known as the Command and General Staff Course, aka "Leavenworth". It is designed for mid-career officers - majors, lieutenant colonels and colonels, what the Army calls field grade officers - and serves to prepare them for command of battalion and larger units and service on the general staff of a division or higher formation. Unlike the branch schools, Leavenworth brings together officers of all specialties to receive common instruction. For most officers, it is where their formal military schooling will end, but the top graduates of the course stay on for a year of post-graduate work at the School of Advanced Military Studies and are nicknamed the "Jedi Knights" by the rest of the Army. These are the "water walkers" who are considered the most promising to end up as senior officers, in effect it is similar to being the selected for the Great General Staff of the old Prussian and German armies.






How to subscribe https://www.armyupress.army.mil/Journals/Military-Review/Subscribe-to-Military-Review/

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