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Wargaming, why all the grinding events?

grinding frontlines events

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BadCorps #21 Posted May 21 2019 - 17:46

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I agree. As a fully F2P player, I find it annoying to try to grind down most of a tank line in the two weeks (or whatever) an On Track mission is available.

There should be missions that are available for completion in Frontline that help boost rank (IE. Assist in base capture/reset, Accumulate 2k damage)


I do not agree with the rank boosters, just because some b^tch with an open wallet and a ready credit card paid REAL MONEY for an ingame booster does not entitle him for a higher rank per game. If the boosters were rewards from victorious battles, that might persuade some people to knock off the "LeTs FaRm FoR dAmAgE, wInNiNg DoEsNt MaTtEr"


And F^CK NO to buying Prestige points. Credit card crusaders would be able to snatch up the secret tier IX (Someone can correct me on what it is if they know) and the EMIL 1951 within 5 minutes. Compared to all the people who worked their as^es off and ground all the way from level 1 repeatedly not getting anything because they don't want to pay money.


I'm working toward the EMIL 1951 (mainly because I need a Swedish HT crew trainer) and haven't seen one yet. I don't want an influx of EMIL 1951 because people just skipped the actual work and bought their way to it.

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