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They have ruined this game so much - now we dont even get ranked battles

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Atragon #41 Posted May 22 2019 - 12:12


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17k on at 9pm EST last night. Thats a trend down I think but not a huge trend down but its a trend never the less. WG can not say they have not been warned but at the same time WG can say they have made plenty of money of which they have. The issue maybe that the money earned may not be going to the USA offices and diverted to the offices overseas. Its going to be interesting over the next 2 years to see how the USA server stands. I think a big change will happen within 2 yrs with the population trend going down in small increments. Players are not leaving in droves but are leaving. As for me, Im taking a summer break but Im staying and Ill find a way to get the most I can from this game. Actually, Im looking forward to Xmas loot boxes. I cant tell you how much I like the Simon Claws commander and the T28-F20 (Two of my favorite gifts that go so well together).

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Tolos #42 Posted May 22 2019 - 12:25


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NarcSgt #43 Posted May 22 2019 - 12:36


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Love the negativity.....most games never make it this long.....COD.....Battlefield last maybe a year and folks pack up and leave.  This game adds interesting options on a regular basis.  If you hate the game so much.....why are you still in the forums?  Move on to a game you dont stress about daily.

__Happy #44 Posted May 22 2019 - 15:03

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View PostFastForward7, on May 22 2019 - 05:31, said:


I think you may be misunderstanding my post, or I worded it poorly. Here are my two main points:


1) NA server pop hasn't changed that drastically in the past 6 months, or even longer. It's not like we lost 40k players in the last month.  WG been given ample time to prepare an alternative for the NA server. This is nothing more than a lack of preparedness on their part. 


2) I know why ranked won't currently work on NA, but why is that? I'm talking about the underlying issue(s) that have lead to a server population that doesn't allow it to work. Server pop isn't some static quantity. NA used to be able to support ranked, and now we can't. That's partially a direct result of how WG has managed their game here in NA, and it needs to be addressed. If you throw a birthday party in middle school, and no one comes, there are two ways to think about it. One is, 'there's not enough people in my school' and the other is, 'apparently no one likes me, and I should probably look into why, and make some changes.' Only one of those two thoughts will get you more people at your birthday party next year. 


Still waiting on the other shoe to drop, no ranked battles is only the beginning, CWs next to go?

Kliphie #45 Posted May 22 2019 - 15:16


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View PostFrozenKemp, on May 22 2019 - 05:25, said:

FWIW, I bet the OP doesn't even play ranked battles. He just likes to complain and try to drag down WG and WoT for... I don't know what reasons. 




Burning_Haggis #46 Posted May 22 2019 - 15:32


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All op does is post negative comments about WG/WOT, not even anything semi-original... just a bunch of bawling about how bad game is, mechanics, particular tanks, and top clan gold spamming.    All the typical stupidity.  But the winner is complaining about something being gone... when you don't play it anyway - bit of an emotional issue that fellow seems to have.


Hey, OP, if you hate it all that bad, why are you even playing?  Someone have you chained to a desk somewhere?

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