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Preferential matchmaking and premium tanks what does that mean?

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southtown00 #1 Posted May 22 2019 - 00:57


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So I've been doing the YouTube research World of Tanks GG World of World tanks Wiki replays in twitch. Watch Klaus skill quickybaby and in those guys. But a lot of the map videos and tank reviews or 1 to 5 years old so forgive me for asking stuff that should be obvious to you guys have been playing for a while. But when I watch premium tank videos they mentioned preferential matchmaking a lot so when you have a premium tank is part of the deal that you always come out on Top tier or are more likely to? I don't really want to buy a premium tank I rather buy a month of Premium Time and earn a tank. Now I understand that I'm pretty much is paid a play once you get past tier 6 regardless of how good you are so I'll try and keep my premium account going not to have an advantage in spam apcr but just afford to be able to win a game in my tiger 1! Let alone lose one! Anyway if anyone can explain this part of the game I'd appreciate it thank you

VooDooKobra #2 Posted May 22 2019 - 01:16


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Preferential match-matching if a specific form of matchmaking that some tanks that were released earlier in the game.  and while they were weaker than the tree tanks they have the ability to not have to see tier 10 in the case of a tier 8 pref mm tank.  here is a list of them




premium time used to simply give you bonuses to credits and xp but was usable for all of WG world of games, but they changed that and gave additional benefits for premium time but only works for wot.  one thing i like that they did was give the same amount of wot premium time as you had general wg premium time.  now you get that weekly bank, the ability to block an additional map, and if you make a platoon outside the battle you get everyone gets bonuses for platooning.  so not a bad deal



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