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Preferential matchmaking and premium tanks what does that mean?

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southtown00 #1 Posted May 22 2019 - 01:00


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When you buy a premium tank I've seen a lot of videos they talk about preferential matchmaking. Given some of these videos are one to five years old but what exactly does that mean. If If you buy a premium take are you automatically Top tier all the time or more likely to be? premium tanks don't sound like a lot of fun because you really can't buy new modules amount of firemen stuff you're just kind of stuck with what you got.

TwixOps #2 Posted May 22 2019 - 01:04


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Some vehicles (usually but not always premium) have preferential matchmaking, meaning they cannot be bottom tier in a +-2 tier match.  For example, the IS-6 will never see tier 10 tanks unless you failplatoon it.  


These vehicles usually have inferior characteristics to ordinary vehicles of that tier. 

ChaseR392 #3 Posted May 22 2019 - 01:06

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Some premium (and a handful of tech tree tanks) have preferential matchmaking.... which means they don't see the normal spread of tiers in Random battles (assuming you don't platoon with a non-pref MM tanks).


Usually they don't see the highest tier a regular MM tank could see.


An example.... a Tier 6 tank with pref MM would only see Tier 7 tanks, but no Tier 8s.

mlinke #4 Posted May 22 2019 - 01:08


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Premium tanks you do not have to upgrade so you do not spend money on that. You can use crew from other similar tanks of same make and nation. You earn more xp and credits. Preferential means that you do not get much stronger opponents than you, mostly same size or weaker. Easier to win. Some of them are good some bad. You buy one that you can use for crew training for tank you have or plan to have. It is nice to have few to help you get credits. If you just started think of buying one not higher than tier 6 so you learn to use it. Going to high will not help you learn the game.

VooDooKobra #5 Posted May 22 2019 - 01:23


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a list of pref MM tanks

Plays_With_Matches #6 Posted May 22 2019 - 01:36


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Usually it's +1 / -2 matchmaking. So a tier 8 pref premium like the Super P will see as low as tier 6 and as high as tier 9. It will never see tier 10 unless pulled into a tier 10 by being platooned with a regular MM tier 8

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