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[4CAC] Looking for players!


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RX_YZ #1 Posted May 23 2019 - 23:38


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4th Canadian Armored Corps [4CAC] - Recruiting Now!

Clan Discord - https://discord.gg/r3gMPhf

What are we looking for?

Literally ANYONE can join our clan regardless of WN8 or battles played. 

We're looking to create a World of Tanks social hub for people to:

- Find players to platoon up with for randoms.

- Engage in community based World of Tanks gameplay like custom games.

- Participate in Clan Wars.

Heck if you want to just chill and meet some fellow tankers that's cool too. 


Is there training and what are the requirements for it?

Training is available.

This clan is in no way meant to be competitive so there's no pressure to perform.

Training will be informal and spontaneous, meaning that training is available for ANYONE registered with the clan regardless of rank.

specific training times are dictated by the coach

Do not message the coach for training but instead use the request training text channel.


Where do I get started?

Join our Discord!https://discord.gg/r3gMPhf


Not familiar with Discord?

Quick start guide - https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/articles/219470277-Getting-Started

Got further questions? - Send us a message in Game! 

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