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KV-13 What gun and Equipment?

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southtown00 #1 Posted May 24 2019 - 13:52


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What is the preffered gun on the kv 13? Ive got the 76m but next is 122mm or 85mm. one of the 85's is tier 9 gun. Also equipment. I have vents GLD and camo net because I had them lying around. Im thinking rammer GLD and optics maybe but what do you guys think?

Dutch_323 #2 Posted May 24 2019 - 14:31


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I am running the top 85mm, gun rammer to speed up reload, vents which improve crew performance, and coated optics to extend view range.  Just started playing it with a BIA Zero Skill crew I retrained for the KV-13 and this combination is doing well.  Love the mobility and armor of the KV-13.  Seems like the new match making is just what this tank needed.

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TankFullOfBourbon #3 Posted May 26 2019 - 18:15


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The 122 derp is just for lols, the good gun to use is the 85mm. It’s got a fast reload and decent pen to make up for the low alpha.


I run rammer, GLD (unfortunately it doesnt take vert stab), and optics. 

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