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Suggestion: Coupons should be able to replace a bundles discount

Coupon Discount Premium Shop

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Garandster #1 Posted May 24 2019 - 19:28


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So I got a 30% coupon and I don't really need to buy anything. The only thing I would buy is the Berlin 5+, but the coupon can't be applied on the bundle since it is already discounted. It would be nice if we could apply the discount coupon to a bundle to replace the current discount. So instead of the bundle being 18% off the base price it would be 30% off the base price. I can understand why they don't want them to stack with existing discounts, but maybe allowing them to replace a discount might help people find more use for them (and buy more things for the WG bottom line).

Isola_di_Fano #2 Posted May 24 2019 - 20:13


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Applying it to a one year premium if possible would be a nice discount.

Projectile_Misfired #3 Posted May 24 2019 - 20:14


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I like that idea. +1


I noticed that mine works on the 'base' bundle for the M41D. I was looking at picking it up, but then saw that the other 3 bundles came with camo(which I would like to also have). Unfortunately, the coupon doesn't work with those bundles. 

So, being able to use a coupon in lieu of a bundle's discount would be a win-win (I would get a larger discount on the bigger bundle which has the items I want. And, WG would actually get more $$ than if I used the coupon on the 'base' bundle).

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