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Love the 430u line, what medium line to try next?

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Frognogx443 #1 Posted May 25 2019 - 02:37


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I really like the combination of decent speed and a bouncer turret, I’m on the Pershing right now on the M48 line but I must say I’m hating the Pershing so far, sluggish speed with just a decent turret at best, does this line get better with the M46 and M48? Any other medium line suggestions if not? I was looking into the Swedish medium line or the french too. 

F1O1 #2 Posted May 25 2019 - 02:45


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Everyone loves the 430U.  Completely ridiculous overpowered Russian press W med tank, that is actually heavy tank. With medium tank repair speed, soft stats, and camo. Take 113 hull armour, turret armour, and gun --  remove the cupolas for stronger ones, and give it camo, but take away some HP. And there you have it, obj 430U.


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