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Much Respect For Claus Kellerman.

Claus Kellerman

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Numerius_Titurius_Sophus #41 Posted Jul 05 2019 - 23:48


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View PostSon__Of__Anarchy, on May 26 2019 - 11:33, said:

and yet, when you see a heavy going sniper, or a light sitting in red lines, or tier VIII medium going to "brawl" with tier X super heavies

and you point out the stupidity, talking about tanks and supposed roles in the battlefield, you get that ridiculous "did you just assume MY role?"

YES idiot, i just assumed your damn role.. because you picked a super heavy and you went where TDs use to go to snipe instead where heavies go to brawl..


each class has its damn role in the field, either you like it or not..

and when you dont play your class according to how is ment to be played, and you dont go where the map demands you to go according to your class,

you are just cancelling a crucial tank for your team..


why pick a 60TP or a type 5 when your plan is to go camp somewhere and snipe?

pick a damn grille instead.. what? you dont have one? then tough luck, but that doesnt mean you are allowed to turn your 60TP to a useless camping sniper..


so many pricks dude.. so many..... :/

plus one for the vid..

and respect to Claus, he is one of the best youtubers out there..


edit: and that thing with the entire team going to one side of the map is so damn lame.. and its happening so often latelly that is getting ridiculous..

        WG should adupt a system similar to that in frontlines and put a stop to how many tanks can join a flank.. 

        "that flank is full commander! go somewhere else.. sorry for the inconvenience and happy hunting!"


PS: so many pricks dude.. so many.............


Do you pay them?


If not, you are not their boss.


I have nothing against complaining about sub-optimum behavior so long as it stays that way.  Unfortunately, many times non-bosses feel they need to punish them...even though they are not their boss.

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Badabingg #42 Posted Jul 18 2019 - 01:50

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Some folks will say the Man's a shill

They always have they always will

But of the folks who play for fun

The guy will always be the one

Avalon304 #43 Posted Jul 18 2019 - 02:44


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Still not sure why Clickbait Kellerman is a CC.

youkali #44 Posted Jul 18 2019 - 03:29


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Leave the back door open and blame the door manufacturer for being burgaled, and then blame the burglars track coach for making them fast.

Come on.  That stupid 13-2 initial deployment deserved exactly what it got.  The nice thing about wheelies is they do exactly what they did in the original example--make dumb student body right rushes as risky as they should be.  Everybody right/left lead to more 12-3 worthless games than wheelies have.  

philb990 #45 Posted Jul 18 2019 - 03:51

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Respect?! why?! WG devised a perfect game to hook us in and we have commentators talking about it as if it's a normal game.  pffffffffffffft


Trakks #46 Posted Jul 18 2019 - 07:18


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View PostSiege_Engine, on May 26 2019 - 13:42, said:


QB is a far better player.  But QB will complain, if it's bad enough.  I think that QB is out of touch with the new players who don't have 10 crew skills, 10 improved equipment, 10 million credits, and so on. 




This was the reason why he started up his free2play account. 50-75% crews, no skills, no equipment, no gold, premium tanks, premium consumables or premium time except what he was able to buy or earn as a result of grinding out tech tree tanks, rewards for good gameplay/completing missions or for redeeming codes that everyone else in the game has free access to. 

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ThatoneguyKaz #47 Posted Jul 18 2019 - 11:22


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He does have a few points. 


1. Tanks ARE much faster as compared to when i first started

2. Switching prem rounds to being credit cost was a mistake.

3. View range isnt hard to get


My big issue is that maps havnt gotten any bigger. We still see tiny maps (even 1000m maps feel small now) across every tier. If we could get larger maps the games will stretch out. 


I will stand by it saying no tier 10 should ever see a <1000m map

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