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new player personal rating

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Copacetic #21 Posted May 30 2019 - 01:39


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View PostAltwar, on May 30 2019 - 00:17, said:


Anyone else vouch for this mastery badge theory?  Doesn't seem likely to me.  I've a few aces but don't think they've ever done anything to lift my "meh" rating.  Of course there are tanks I played, elited and sold long before badges existed.  Anyway, I'm casting doubt on this.


you should, this guy is notorious for spouting tin foil crap without any data to back it up.

golruul #22 Posted May 30 2019 - 04:29


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View PostH0D0R_, on May 29 2019 - 14:48, said:


That is for Wn8. For PR it takes into account a lot more factors. Like damage, spotting, assistance, if you survive the battle. Etc etc. I do not recall exactly.


It's for PR. Cheapbooks posted a bunch of the variables that go in it.  One is average damage per battle -- this isn't by tier, it's just the average over your whole career.  According to this formula, 1000 average damage at tier 6 is a crappier player than one that has 1001 average damage at tier 10.  The reality is the complete opposite -- 1k average damage at tier 6 is pretty good while 1001 average at tier 10 sucks. 


WG made a formula that emphasizes tier 10 play because that's where they make the most money.  No surprises here.


That said, I'm not claiming it is bad nor am I claiming it is good.  People just need to be aware of the formula and the goals behind such formulas.  I'm not just trashing PR here -- WNx can't track assist damage (through no fault of their own), so it's a poor tool to judge that stuff. 


If I have to suggest something people concentrate on, then concentrate on winning.  Afterwards, concentrate on increasing average xp per battle.

SimplyPzB2 #23 Posted May 30 2019 - 04:36

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Chill, part of the fun of any endeavor is doing well.  Win Rate, Personal Rating, WN8 are all measures of how well you are doing.  The best 'trick' I ever learned to get better at this game was 'Youtube'.  Getting a new tank?  Go to Youtube and type in 'tank x ace tanker'.  Watch how someone who knows the tank does well in it.  Quickybaby, Lemming Rush, 4 tankers and dog, The Mighty Jingles, Dez Games - all post great replays with commentary.  Pay special attention to the commentary as they break down what is working, why it's working, how it's working.  Best of luck...

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