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How team balance (win chance) affects your battles

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Saffron_Blaze #221 Posted Aug 28 2019 - 05:32

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View PostNeatoMan, on Aug 28 2019 - 02:03, said:

but what is clear is the effect that your own PR rating has on your win chances.  He denies that your PR causes any shift in that curve.  He says the MM is responsible for that shift, and therefore all your extra wins.


Yes, that was understood as well from reading the thread. I could very easily articulate a mechanism/algorithm that would deliver exactly what he believes is happening. The problem I have is why would WG bother when Skill Neutral MM would deliver exactly the same results? The need to exert that level of control all the time would have to be pretty compelling. I am open to hearing his theories as to why they would need to do it, but It's a bit of an Occam's Razor situation at this point.

TheGame_ #222 Posted Aug 28 2019 - 05:54


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It doesn't. You affect your battles. If you are trash, your win percentage will drop over time to <50-55%. If you are good, your win percentage will rise over time to >55-60%.


CRAZY how your skill at this game affects your win percentage...[edited]insane.

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