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Could we have some variation please?

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Outamyhead #1 Posted Jun 03 2019 - 08:25


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Just wondering why we are playing the same tier of tanks on the same days with the same amount of players, it's repetitive and I don't have an Object 140, T57 Heavy, or Batchat 25 which seems to be the tanks of choice for this tier and tournament setup.  Sunday is the only tournament I can make it to, the others conflict with work, would I like to play tier eight or nine...You bet!


I wouldn't mind of it was another tier aside from tier 10, it's like the old adage, you buy a variety pack of cereal you are going to get bored eating the one flavor.  Please step it up, I am getting bored with tier 10 every Sunday.

mpank #2 Posted Jun 10 2019 - 16:15

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We just played this Sunday, but we did not have any of those tanks and did not face any of them as well. 


Our setup was: S.Conq, IS7, 113, Obj 907.

Here are the results: http://gosutactics.com/tournamentTeam1001-402729-highvoltage/


Only loss is due to the cap, we did not go there right away and did not have enough time to reset. 

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