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Best T8 Premium tank to buy?

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Rentaloli #1 Posted Jun 05 2019 - 03:27


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Looking for a good T8 Prem to buy for money making, I already own the T26E5 and the IS-6, but im also thinking about getting the SuperPershing or the FV4202.

What would you more seasoned players recommend?

danfred #2 Posted Jun 05 2019 - 03:31


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Those are both good mediums. The T44-100 on sale now is also excellent.

stryker105mm #3 Posted Jun 05 2019 - 03:36


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none of them 

wganz_87 #4 Posted Jun 05 2019 - 03:54


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View Postdanfred, on Jun 05 2019 - 03:31, said:

Those are both good mediums. The T44-100 on sale now is also excellent.

The T44-100 is the best medium currently on sale.

The regularly offered T54 mod 1 is also nice if you miss the T44-100.

BlackFive #5 Posted Jun 05 2019 - 03:56


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Prog and Lorraine both say, "Hi" - but you have to be better than average to enjoy them (whereupon they print credits like mad)

AlemaumBeer #6 Posted Jun 05 2019 - 04:11


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of course the best is russian, get a defender with a t10 armor to play against tier 6, or a IS3 and be happy.

ProfessionalFinn #7 Posted Jun 05 2019 - 04:19


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This one...


Jryder #8 Posted Jun 05 2019 - 04:19


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FV4202 is a more mobile yet squishier Centurian 5/1 RAAC

T-44 100 is a more mobile yet slightly squishier T-54 Mod 1


I have the RAAC and Mod 1 and enjoy them both. I considered the T-44 100 just for the increased mobility but don't think it's worth that much money for what I would gain from it given what I have already. If I need that much more mobility, I'll play one of my lights. That being said, the T-44 100 is mighty popular in FL for a reason-the 4202 not nearly as much.


if you are just looking for a money maker, the SuperP seems to be pretty good at that. The speed is a little off-putting but High Octane gas helps and otherwise, it seems like a pretty good tank, especially at the price. I don't know what the credit earning coefficient is for it but it seems to make good creds for me.

Slatherer #9 Posted Jun 05 2019 - 04:26


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The Lowe.

I have most of the premium tanks and this old school tank seems to, pound for pound, print more credits than the rest.

It is relatively easy to play and has predictable armor.  It can reasonably hull down and sidescrape.  It has good gun depression, and is a pretty accurate shot.  It's not derpy at all   It's a bit slow, but not by much.

leeuniverse #10 Posted Jun 05 2019 - 04:41


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Progetto 46


Lansen C


The above are the ONLY "good" T8 Premiums.

However, the:

Scorpion G


...are also likely good enough to be called "good".  T-44-100 is like how the Mod 1 used to be, just with less armor, but it's a little bouncy still, but it has the speeds so it can perform still, unlike the Mod 1 which can't anymore.


EVERYTHING else sucks utter donkey ****.


Because they are ALL too slow for the damage they do.

Your half-armored Mediums like the RAAC etc. are slow like heavy's but don't do the damage of heavy's, though they might have good turrets and good guns otherwise.

Then you have the heavy's themselves, they are just to slow to even utilize that damage, and the guns perform like crap.

For example, prior to the Great Physics Nerf the IS6 was a BETTER tank than the current Defender, even though technically the Defender is the better tank.  But it's speeds and nerf gun aspects make it actually worse than the old IS6 used to be.


Anyway, now, "performance" is King if you want a "good" tank.

All the tanks others are mentioning just can't "consistently" perform, and that's what makes a good tank in my book.

The above tanks I mention above are the only ones that can still perform.


BTW, honorable mention is the Lorraine 40 t, however, it's gun and speeds are more "wonkier" than the above, so you might as well just get the above.

It's a bit harder to be consistent anymore, I would say it's either with or just slightly below the 44 and the Scorp in relation to consistent performance.

goldfinger_555 #11 Posted Jun 05 2019 - 05:05


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You should buy one that not only will make you credits but will train the crew for the line you are most interested in going up. Make sure the premium has good pen since if it cant pen it wont make the best credits.

SquishySupreme #12 Posted Jun 05 2019 - 05:16

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The best T8s for Frontline, because you want those free tanks.  Duh.

Progetto 46 (prints ranks - heavy with an autoloader wrapped in a medium package)

LT-432 (I see you, and you , and you - and I have free bullets for you as well!!)

Scorpion G/WT (Usually near the top in ranks. Ugly KV2 type alpha.  Not slow.)
M41 variants (who knew LTs came this well armored and OMG it's shooting HE at me how fast?)
STRV/UDES 03 (pens anything, fast shells, always shoots you first)

Of note are the two almost identical options that are normal tech tree tanks.  Massive grinds, but worth it if you don't want to spend a dime.  The UDES and WT are just as much priority targets as the STRV and Skorpion G.  Expect everyone to stop what they are doing once you are spotted and shoot at you, since the alpha on all four is crippling - usually 1/2-2/3 off a medium at T8.  Note that there are no really good T8 heavies due to the size and scale of the mode.  It breaks down to either run-and-gun ( 3 seconds if you can manage it) or sneaky and evil alpha.  The T8 wheelie is NG - just gets popped by LTs now.

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death_stryker #13 Posted Jun 05 2019 - 05:17

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Out of the stuff currently on sale, definitely T-44-100 and WZ-120G FT, in that order. Good premium = moneymaking premium. 


If we only consider the cheaper ones, they're all pretty close*, so it's more up to personal preference and crews. 


*Other than the tragedies known as the CDC and Panther 8.8.

eXs11 #14 Posted Jun 05 2019 - 05:19


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that's a broad question there... the best premium is the one that you enjoy playing the most and are the best in... that could mean a billion different things for different people. Ideally you want something that has good penetration. TO be completely honest, I feel like the best money  grinder in the game is T34 since the pen is so high... Lowe is also a good option. Skorpion when available is great.. FV4202 is not a bad tank but Cent 5/1 is just miles better so you kinda feel silly spending cash on that thing. Don't overlook the AMX M4 49... I love that tank... also don't overlook any of the 212 pen mediums- STA, Mutz or the STG... STG is actually pretty good with both high pen and high alpha


personally, my current favorite is the cent 5/1... it's completely ridiculous

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Cruxdei #15 Posted Jun 05 2019 - 07:05


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i remember when i had the lowe.

matches were i bounced shells left and right,dealt damage bigger than my hp and won.

the result? 30k credits that i won,hardly any premium ammo used.

i can get that with tier5 premiums.

stryker105mm #16 Posted Jun 05 2019 - 07:21


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none of them they are all not good 

Ratnikk #17 Posted Jun 05 2019 - 07:26

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Skorp G for me, mobile, high damage, no need for premium ammo. I make 120k+ credits per battle with premium time and the 50% credit booster. I dont see it in the shop right now but if you see it sometime get it... The defender is overpowered if you like heavies. People say lowe but i seem to see fewer of them in the battle and theyre easy to take down. T34 is just obsolete, way worse than the lowe but the t34 seems to have a secret credit buff or something. In very crappy games with less than 1k damage you can make 60K+ profit using boosters. t-44-100 really easy to kill and has crap gun. LT-432 is overpowered light with impenetrable turret, bounces skorp g shells like peanuts. Progetto is a popular one, any autoloader will net decent credits.

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