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Are WoT devs smoking rocks or what?

WoT Devs Failure Tanks realistic physics Bugs But fix World of tanks Tank Skills

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Dirtle #1 Posted Jun 10 2019 - 21:55


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What's the deal with World of Tanks coting all the rocks with Vaseline. You can't even drive next to a rock anymore flipping over or falling off a cliff. As a matter of fact you don't even have to be near a cliff, yesterday I to without sliding in water uched a rock in the abbey on the north side of the map next to the buildings. My tank raised 10 foot up in the air started spinning like a propeller an exploded.,, who's the reject with the bright idea that came up with these physics. If you're fighting someone and you touch a rock you cannot control your tank for 10 seconds., you're sliding all over the place. Falling in water falling off cliffs falling on your side falling upside down. It's the biggest troll I've encountered on any game. It has nothing to do with physics or reality. I saw the World of Tanks devs at a  tank Museum a few years ago bragging how historically accurate their tanks are. The only accurate his The only thing becoming history is the wot player population about the way those tanks drive on terrain It's not fun it's lame. Your  "reallistic" physics realistically part of the reason why you are loosing players. Whoever called created those physics realisticly should lose their job. It only takes a five-year-old with a toy to realize what a tank or tracked vehicle is going to do when turned on its side. It's going to spin like a top and flip upside or downside. I don't know if you guys were lazy and just didn't finish the rocks   on any of the concrete,  boulders, and cliffs. But it's lame when people are driving near a rock ND start sliding around like a monkey on ice. You guys really need to return the texture to all the maps. You can't have tanks levitating sliding and floating across most areas of the map. "Well glacier" the map that is apparently a huge sheet of ice has more traction than concrete? Haha. A tank flipping over or crew drowning is fine even falling off a cliff.  I wasn't even mad when my tank exploded from the track touching a stone but when they're making controls unresponsive (as well as un skirted tanks on side unable to gain traction is a slap in the face to your fan base.


It's just as annoying as shooting a tank and realizing you can't hit it because of an invisible wall. Or getting shot through the ground, wall, rock, house,.  At that point you may as well replace historical gun that can accurately penitrate another tank from 3000 yards and make it shoot in random directions at it tries to hit a barn from 300 neters:P. That's it I'm logging in to team kill an arty:bush:

Kelly_Semaka #2 Posted Jun 10 2019 - 22:13


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you sound like an old clan mate of mine - lol

__Worm__ #3 Posted Jun 10 2019 - 22:44


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View PostKelly_Semaka, on Jun 10 2019 - 14:13, said:

you sound like an old clan mate of mine - lol


ya the one who you hate to toon with because they are so toxic with the BS ...


Been there

Markd73 #4 Posted Jun 10 2019 - 23:27


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Coating not coting 

DetectiveHoots #5 Posted Jun 11 2019 - 00:37


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View PostDirtle, on Jun 10 2019 - 20:55, said:

That's it I'm logging in to team kill an arty:bush:


This is a good way to receive an in game suspension.


SquishySupreme #6 Posted Jun 11 2019 - 01:31


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To be honest, he does have a bit of a point.  In real life, hitting up against a rock face will stop your tank.  Your engine likely won't have enough energy to climb up on it or it will simply stall your engine.

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