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WoT app and browser interaction


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Karmadharma #1 Posted Jun 11 2019 - 20:16

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Sorry if this seems obvious to some, but I'm no expert on the subject. I'm speaking here of a Windows 10 system. My question is, what is the relationship, if any, between my preferred (default) internet browser app and the WoT app? Are they somehow connected? I see some browsers are optimized for online gaming. Does WoT use my browser in some way? If so, are there preferred browsers to use as primaries? Thanks in advance for any replies that shed light on the subject.

sparky_49 #2 Posted Jun 11 2019 - 22:28

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I'm not aware of any WoT app, is this something you've installed on your phone?


If you're talking about clicking on news items in the launcher, or clicking on "Premium Shop" while in the garage, or clicking on items in "Combat Intelligence" it uses your default browser if it needs to go to a web page.

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carl20320 #3 Posted Jun 11 2019 - 22:38

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I may be wrong (probably) but I believe the combat intelligence uses some type of embedded browser.  After it pops up, I can go into task manager and find a program named something like WOT chromium embedded browser that has become active.

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