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Update 1.5.1 Feedback Request

update 1.5.1 update 1.5.1 feedback

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Poll: Update 1.5.1 Feedback (148 members have cast votes)

Are you enjoying/looking forward to update 1.5.1

  1. yes (90 votes [68.18%])

    Percentage of vote: 68.18%

  2. no (17 votes [12.88%])

    Percentage of vote: 12.88%

  3. don't care (25 votes [18.94%])

    Percentage of vote: 18.94%

Which feature(s) are you enjoying/looking forward to?

  1. Crew Books (87 votes [31.07%])

    Percentage of vote: 31.07%

  2. Leopard 1 Rework (40 votes [14.29%])

    Percentage of vote: 14.29%

  3. STB 1 Rework (26 votes [9.29%])

    Percentage of vote: 9.29%

  4. Session Stats (46 votes [16.43%])

    Percentage of vote: 16.43%

  5. Kharkov Redesign (48 votes [17.14%])

    Percentage of vote: 17.14%

  6. Other Vehicle Reworks (20 votes [7.14%])

    Percentage of vote: 7.14%

  7. I'm not enjoying/looking forward to any of them (13 votes [4.64%])

    Percentage of vote: 4.64%

Which features are you NOT enjoying/looking forward to?

  1. Crew Books (17 votes [9.44%])

    Percentage of vote: 9.44%

  2. STB 1 Rework (30 votes [16.67%])

    Percentage of vote: 16.67%

  3. Leo 1 Rework (19 votes [10.56%])

    Percentage of vote: 10.56%

  4. Session Stats (24 votes [13.33%])

    Percentage of vote: 13.33%

  5. Kharkov Redesign (28 votes [15.56%])

    Percentage of vote: 15.56%

  6. Other Vehicle Reworks (16 votes [8.89%])

    Percentage of vote: 8.89%

  7. I'm enjoying/looking forward to all of them (46 votes [25.56%])

    Percentage of vote: 25.56%

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Insanefriend #41 Posted Jun 12 2019 - 23:22


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So I've played a few battles in my STB-1 and thus far this is my take.  



I like the turret armor it is a lot more bouncy then it used to be and is nice.



Gun change will take getting used to but I can live with it though I do miss how hard it used to hit.



The gun depression with the new hydro system is flat out worse then it was before.  I know it says the total is -12 degrees when the system is on, but that is only right over the front of the tank.  Even then I think it is less then that once you account for the Hydro-pneumatic suspension being centered on the tank body not the turret.  This makes it much harder to play areas with slight hills that you cannot approach straight on.  It also means that you expose much more of the tank then you used to when playing on ridge lines.  


I still feel the hydro system on medium tanks would be better if it had a toggle then the automatic system they currently have.  Some thing like hitting X puts a speed limit on your forward speed to the maximum speed you can travel forward with the hydro on.  Other wise you just feel like your tapping the W key trying to not go too fast to get it to turn off and mess up your aiming, which is a really annoying game mechanic.



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BabA_YA6A #42 Posted Jun 13 2019 - 01:27


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Thanks for the broken STB-1.

I would like to meet the moron who cooked this up!

Besides the point the the hydro suspension is not like on the real STB-1. It should go all around 360 degrees!

The gun depression now is absolutely abysmal, much worse than before.

But what else can you expect from wargaming than the usual half hearted horse manure fixes. As far as I care they can roll them up and shove them up the proverbial rear orifice. 

I most likely will just get rid of it.


Gravitymint #43 Posted Jun 13 2019 - 01:51


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View PostFirefox4312, on Jun 12 2019 - 18:47, said:

Why turn a good map into a garbage corridor map?


1. Field is wide open, so have fun with camping TDs, arty and invisible LTs in bushes.

2. City is gimped, so there's only like 1 way to push it with heavies.

3. Mediums either have to try to make field work and pray arty isnt looking, or go brawl heavies.




All that had to be done was update the field on the old map, make the thing larger, and wha la, it's a better map than what we got.

thats most to all maps, but i guess when you let people under a 50% winrate comment on forums you get uninformed players like this lol

Sully83 #44 Posted Jun 13 2019 - 03:06

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View PostFirefox4312, on Jun 12 2019 - 15:20, said:


"Downloading replays with mods" what? replay files don't contain any mod information, so I would have to guess that number is 0. Even if you used illegal mods, they wouldnt show up in the replay, just the UI you run the replay in. Learn how the game works before you start throwing out bs "facts."

Your really going to sit here and say that no youtuber, streamer, twitch, or WotReplays have never been uploaded or shared showing the player using illegal mods? give your daft head a shake..  man swear you snowflakes sure know it all, just because your [edited]never heard of it or seen it that means it can not be true right? like i said before, your a special kind of stupid. I wouldnt have stated it on a facking forum if the facts were not there smart smart, so before assuming that just because you have not seen it than it cant be true, maybe do some of your own research, for a player thats been around as long as you have, sure dont know to much crapabout the game or problems that have been around and surfacing now or in the past. Time to pull your head out of your [edited]and stop thinking your know it all 

Edited by Sully83, Jun 13 2019 - 03:12.

LeaveIT2Beaver #45 Posted Jun 13 2019 - 13:32


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"The markers above vehicles and/or health icons, whatever you want to call them, seem to sway and lag behind the camera's movement"
"Vanilla install, 3 different machines, Jello markers on all of them"
 FPS dropped from 90 to 65 (same settings)


Is it me, or are the  "session win/lose" percentage and  "net credits" data missing from the new session statistics tab in the garage?

tod914 #46 Posted Jun 14 2019 - 03:09


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Nice job on the Leo1.  Really enjoying the gun on it. 


Just to reiterate on the STB-1.  Remove the hydraulics and give it back it's gun depression & elevation settings it had, as well as the shell alpha.


Until your devs make the hydraulics work like the Swedish TDs ( travel and siege mode with "x" key), it's not very useful on the STB-1.  The Swede meds it seems to be "ok" with not as much reticle bounce.

Fwl_Kurt_Knispel #47 Posted Jun 14 2019 - 03:29


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Let me see if I got this right.  The Leopard 1 is now slower, has fewer HP, has worse gold ammo specs, and reloads slower than say it's Russian counterparts, and this is supposed to be a good thing?

ArcticTankHunter #48 Posted Jun 17 2019 - 01:03

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Change Leopard 1 to Leopard 1A1 with increase armor value.


Unfinished buffs on older tier 8 vehicles.


I do not want to see Leopard 1A1 as a freaking tier X reward tank like M60. Those tanks are already garbage over Obj907 and completely ruins the point of the game. Leopard prototype A though should be premium instead and have Leopard Prototype 2 upgrades for Leopard 1 as it moves down 1 tier. Leopard line is already weak as hell as a medium tank line compare to other counterparts due to non-existing armour.

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jesse098 #49 Posted Jun 23 2019 - 00:53


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since the update i have getting dc from the game a LOT like 5 times in 10 battles and this all started after the new f--up upgrade :(


ArcticTankHunter #50 Posted Jun 26 2019 - 18:37

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Added pictures link of Leopard 1A1 thread WG should investigate. The Leopard 1 in the tech tree right now can get HE spam to death by even tier 8s. It is a joke tank apart from the gun. I freaking chase Leopard 1s with obj 430 and out DPM leopard using HE rounds. That is one tier lower medium tank. The tank really need armor buff to block HE rounds.

Edited by ArcticTankHunter, Jun 26 2019 - 18:39.

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