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Crew Books - Doesn't Show What Will Happen?

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Jhuderis #1 Posted Jun 12 2019 - 22:09


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I went to apply a crew book today but was curious what my crew would actually gain from it in terms of skill % increase. There's an image before you click on a book and after, but it doesn't show anything other than putting a pretty orange arrow. For people's info, I went up about 10% on the camo skill across my crew from the book, but man is it frustrating that you have no way to tell. Is this working as intended?



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MrBeetleBumEntertainment #2 Posted Jun 12 2019 - 22:38


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if you right click on a crew member on the left side of your screen in the garage and then pick "personal file" it will open up that crew members file and you should see on the right hand side "experience required to increase skill" with that skills icon beside it. The amount shown is to increase the skill by 1% so you can get a rough idea how much it will take to get you to 100% that way.


Hope that helps, cheers

Isola_di_Fano #3 Posted Jun 12 2019 - 22:49


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You could use one of those to figure out the exact XP needed to increase 1 or 2 or 3 % or whatever you want




PapioTitan #4 Posted Jun 12 2019 - 23:34

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From my experience with this today. My numbers are wags from memory:


--PZ V/IV crew at 23% on first skill went to 55% after applying level 1 book.

-----Same tank and crew went to 60% on their 2nd skill after applying level III book


What follows is applying level III book: (250,000 XP)

--T-54 lwt crew member @ 1% on 4th skill went to 75% on 4th skill

----Same tank crew @ 50% 4th skill went to 80%, 78% went to 90%


--T-100 Lt crew @ 81% 2nd skill went to 33% on 3rd skill

--A 88% 1st skill Projetto 46 crew went to 83% on 2nd skill

--A 90% 2nd skill T-44 went to 70% 3rd skill.


Hope this helps someone figure out what they'll get.



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