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Chromium Embedded Framework toxic to Vista

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AmericanDragon #1 Posted Jun 12 2019 - 22:16


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Attempting to start the Chromium Embedded Framework crashes when CEF tries to reference an API endpoint that Vista does not have.


And yes, there are reasons we Vista users are still using Vista after all these years. 

Yes, I know Vista is no longer supported by Microsoft.  Thank you for that in advance.  "Upgrade your OS" is not an appropriate answer.  (Defensive?  Me?  What cause would I have? ;) )


At least at this point, the WOT use of CEF is not an essential part of the game.   Please do version checks and avoid invoking it if the version does not support it.    Alternately, if/when Vista is absolutely not supported, don't tell the user it is not supported by crashing out due to not having checked the version first.  (World of Warships, I'm looking at you...)


Thank you for continuing to allow us Vista users to play World of Tanks.


Letuk #2 Posted Jun 12 2019 - 22:22


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Vista and XP are not supported by anyone. There is 0 reason to be running it. 


So upgrade your OS.

ArmorStorm #3 Posted Jun 12 2019 - 22:31


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While we are here, can someone help me with my problem?  Chromium doesn’t seem to run on OS/2 Warp AT ALL!  I know, it’s no longer supported, but telling me to upgrade is unhelpful...

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