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Thoughts on Kharkov?

Update 1.5.1 poll map

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Do you like HD Kharkov?

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Volcanic_lobster_220 #21 Posted Jun 14 2019 - 20:51


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View PostTRU_voodoo, on Jun 13 2019 - 07:46, said:

I like the old kharkov better. Every time WG remakes a map, they design it to be more static and campy. The old Kharkov was easier to attack on. Now everything in the city is locked down. There is an extra bunker in the heavy area. They removed the middle building so that section is impossible to push. The East ring does not yield firing lanes into city anymore. If you push on the open area left of the east ring, there is a broken TD position that covers it. Field also has elevated TD positions that lock everything down. It's just turned into another map that prevents people who know what they are doing from taking too much control of the game. It's just another dumbed down map design that favors people who just want to sit around and wait for people to attack them....except that is now strategically the best thing to do on a lot of the map reworks. 


Absolutely agree 100%, i think it's obvious that WG's priorities when making maps (or turning old ones into HD) has changed and they only make maps worse by adjusting them to fit the meta of wheelies and TD's.

omi5cron #22 Posted Jun 14 2019 - 21:18


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only played it once so far.in my cromwell,so i was in field mostly.it was a win so i am biased,but i like the field section.and that was the only part of OLD kharkov i liked.after playing it more,i should have a fuller feel for it.

however,i DO hate city maps.

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