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XP question

XP how

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JONDIESATTHEEND #1 Posted Jun 14 2019 - 10:33

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How did this guy get more XP than me? He is in a tier 9 heavy and did 0 damage and 114 spotting. I am in a tier 8 and did 1100 damage.


_Direwolf #2 Posted Jun 14 2019 - 10:46


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You get XP for 'being an active participant' in the battle. This is on top of the obvious things you get XP for like damage, spotting and tracking. 


Being active takes into account things like:

- proximity to enemy tanks when they are damaged;

- allied tanks within radio range when enemy tanks are damaged or spotted or destroyed (the closer you are the better);

- damage blocked


You can get about 100-200 XP just by being near the main fight of any particular game for the aforementioned reasons. 


It caused a few problems in ranked battles because people weren't aware of these small bonuses, and in a mode based on XP 100-200 extra was the difference between gaining a chevron or not. I believe the full information on XP can still be found on the wot wiki if you google it. 


The tier 9 in your game was probably near the main fight and thus got a nice bonus.


Anyway hope that helped!

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