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possible hacks to clan pages

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1SG_Gomer #1 Posted Jun 14 2019 - 11:32


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My clan tag was recently replaced with a "black square" , is there any way someone could hack the page or otherwise screw around with it ? The black square is seen even by other than clan members. any help would be appreciated.

KaiserWilhelmShatner #2 Posted Jun 14 2019 - 11:59


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This may be a dumb question but has anyone asked the clan leaders yet?

Is it in game or just on the forums or both?  If just the forums did it start after the forums were down the other day?  If both did it start with 1.5.1?

Was it, or could it be, offensive in any way?  I dont know if WG replaces the logo with a black square or what not in that case.


Just have your clan leaders submit a ticket to WG is really about all you can do other than trying to reload it and then sending the ticket.

Numerius_Titurius_Sophus #3 Posted Jun 14 2019 - 13:05


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I imagine if it was hacked it would...be replaced with something a bit different from a black square ;)


Sounds like a glitch.

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