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Why do so many NOT know the 3 basic rules of tanking?

rules knowledge information

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DeviouslyCursed #61 Posted Jun 15 2019 - 15:57

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View Postdunniteowl, on Jun 15 2019 - 00:16, said:

Also, if you READ my post with the information DIRECTLY from the Battle Mechanics - Global Wiki at the last portion it specifically tells you that this concealment drop is ONLY for YOUR tank, others are not directly affected by it.


Which is why I added it after I first answered -- to find I was wrong.  I don't mind being mistaken or wrong, however I DO mind providing that mistaken information as proper and correct -- so I corrected myself.


Please, go back and check it.





You can avoid people being misinformed by your initial post if you edit it that you were wrong and it has been corrected. Leaving it as written is just spreading misinformation and inviting people to keep replying to it.

Anublister #62 Posted Jun 15 2019 - 16:17


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36 battles?


You suffer from identity bias. You only know the world from your own perspective, therefore you assume everyone else can sense things and "reason" as well as you can.


It's time for you to attempt an exercise in maturity. It's called empathy. Grab grandpas glasses, put them on and try playing. Or if your old enough, try drinking a few beers (maybe several) and play the game.  Save the replays. Compare them with a session you don't handicap yourself and post your results.


If you don't understand what I'm trying to teach you please ask an adult to read this post and maybe they can help you.

Volcanic_lobster_220 #63 Posted Jun 15 2019 - 20:23


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7) Don't make stupid trades, shooting a Skorp G for 115 dmg isn't worth getting hit back for 490 DMG.

LOL_i_CLICKED_u #64 Posted Jun 15 2019 - 20:34

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I thought the 3 basic rules of tanking were


1) Good Luck


2) Have Fun


3) and don't forget to blame your teammates when you die


BadCorps #65 Posted Jun 16 2019 - 01:11

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And #4.

Don't pay real money

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