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Another great battle...

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Messerschmitt_Masser #1 Posted Jun 16 2019 - 01:17


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Hello everyone, 


I just want to talk about the last battle I had today. 


Tier 10 battle. Was on prokhorovka, encounter mode. I was in the AMX Cda, covering hill from north-east flank.


Thing is, 3 minutes or so  after the begining of the battle, there were only 40 seconds remaining before we lose, because someone at enemy team was capturing.

Meanwhile, a bunch of great players (some of them were actually good light-blue/purple players) were at west flank.


Right flank were: a progetto near spawn point, the polish tier 8 heavy and a Chrysler (yeah, another chrysler...). The last 2 were literally behind me. In the corner of the map. 2 heavies.

1 heavy (cant remember what tank was), that was actually doing nothing but spot enemy tanks at hill, without shoting or pushing whatsoever.


After telling my great team that someone (ehemm, those 2 heavies behind me...) had to reset or we would lose and receiving 0 response, I then decided I had to reset myself.


Loaded HE then, and proceeded to rush base to shot at whatever was in there to reset.


When I arrived the base and the counter freezed, the counter was about 10 secs. It was a tier 9 russian med (an obj, cant remember which one). He wasnt aware of me so I just aimed and shot. I repeat. 10 secs after that, I die by the fire of enemy tanks that were in the hill.


I start map-pinging-raging and after some secs I exit the battle. After some minutes the battle ends and I see a "Victory" message, with a Leo1 of our side that did like 7K damage.


Nice, a good victory... thanks to the fact that I reset. Yeah yeah I know, I sound like Im pretending to be a PRO... no, I am not, but at least that damned battle, we won because of me (there were any arty that could blind shot and try to reset, either). I died doing like 600-700 damage, patetic, but we won because I reset.


Things like these are what made create posts in forum asking, "when are BOTs coming to the game?". Im tired of losing or winning because of luck. The team is crap or enemy team is crap, then 15-0/15-1 battles appear. They are totally crap and boring (be a loss or a victory, they are boring). Excepcional cases are when both team are totally crap or totally made of PROs (1 in 1000 battles), then you find some balance there.


PS: A medal about "resetting base just-on-time would be nice for cases like these, just saying.


PS2: Yeah another wall of text, sorry people


EDIT: Just lost 15-0 while playing a BC12. I wont say anything else, you can understand my feeling right now.


EDIT 2: For God Christ and Buddha BC12 is the most utterly useless and stupid tank in the entire whole game. Worse than even indien panzer. Its TOTALLY useless. Selling it again soon I guess, I just give up on my way on AXM 30.

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mlinke #2 Posted Jun 16 2019 - 03:49


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Bc12 is awesome tank

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