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T54E2 Rant

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HEMIHAYNES #1 Posted Jun 16 2019 - 01:49


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Reading through the stats for the T54E2, I'm not sure what this tank is even for. Yes, I'm aware it's on the super test sever and things are subject to change. Unless its planned for be a tech tree tank or reward tank, I assume it's being rush out for frontline, which in this state is allover the place at best.


Compare it to the tier 8 premuim American heavys (currently 4 with 8 styles) it's got alpha on par with a 120mm from a 105mm with horried .4 dispersion and 226mm pen which puts it in the middle.  Armor is on par with other heavys however has a huge hatch on top. Then mobility is on par power to weight, but faster top speed and traverse.


Ether keep it a tier 9 reward tank where 390 alpha with .4 on par and like 250mm pen help. Decent armor and average mobility. 


Other wise at tier 8 it's closer to the M4a1 and Landen C, high alpha and pen but once your close enough to make up for your  .4 dispersion there going to auto pen your hatch. 


Make a Jack of all trades tier 8 Medium closer to the chieften/T95. Drop the alpha to 320 with .36 dispersion and 212mm pen. Balance the reload and aim time. Drop the hit point to 1400 with the same armor. Keep power to weight and drop speed to 40 kph. Make it M48 at tier 8.

mlinke #2 Posted Jun 16 2019 - 02:47


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It may be tier 9 reward for fl. One that is still under wraps

Cowcat137 #3 Posted Jun 16 2019 - 02:56


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Not much of a reward if it is.  Cheese hull armor,  Headshot cupola.  And tha gun handling- They're not even trying.

Firemoth #4 Posted Jun 16 2019 - 02:56


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0.4 dispersion doesnt matter if your a heavy. you fight close up anyway. what matters is soft stats.


also wz132 has 0.4 on its 100mm and its capable of medium to long range shooting.

Tedsc #5 Posted Jun 16 2019 - 05:08

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View Postmlinke, on Jun 16 2019 - 02:47, said:

It may be tier 9 reward for fl. One that is still under wraps

It is listed as a tier 8 heavy.

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