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Map Concept


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AmishTanker #1 Posted Jun 16 2019 - 22:55


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Imagine new maps for every match!


Each map has random elevation that is calculated as the match loads - this is not random across the map, but a single elevation point that flows up or down to create smooth terrain
One to three rivers are added
Each 100m square is assigned one of the following types:

  • Swamp (2 different blocks)
  • Grass
  • City (6)
  • Rocks (4)
  • Water
  • Bushes (4)
  • Trees - light (2)
  • Trees - dense (2)

City, trees, and water blocks clump together
Blocks are rotated randomly as they are placed on the map
All blocks are designed with a 10m transition around the edges to blend with its neighbor so that each block will seamlessly match any arrangement


Maybe hexagons would work better than squares and give it that old-school war game feel.

xrays_ #2 Posted Jun 16 2019 - 23:55


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That moment when RNG trolls you where your whole team spawns in deep water and can't get out...


The idea has been proposed before, but tends to get shot down because of complications. A long time ago, I recall suggesting using existing map components (i.e. grid squares or 2x2 squares that have already been built and tested), joined together in a somewhat random pattern to create "new" maps based on the existing pieces. The hardest part about pure random maps is the algorithms have to be quite complicated to not generate garbage for one side, or simply garbage all around. By building from pre-set component pieces, most of those issues could be avoided, but there would still be problems from time to time. On top of that, there are people that get lost on the current maps, despite seeing them 5x a day. Imagine how confused people might get if each map had enough random elements?


Honestly, the biggest problem is that WarGaming doesn't devote enough resources to making maps, and then they make them bad when they do. I believe the Kharkov remake is the best map released in a few years, but that might change as we get used to it. Some of the best designs have been pulled from rotation (Northwest, Pearl River, Port), which also says a lot about their abilities to build and update maps. I maintain that it shouldn't take 6 months to a year to make a single map, and that any competent group of designers/programmers could release up to four a year, on top of keeping everything fresh with updates to existing maps. WG's refusal to take this part of their game seriously shows that their long-term commitment is flawed.



Volcanic_lobster_220 #3 Posted Jun 17 2019 - 00:02


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Map generation? starting to sound like Minecraft haha

gingerted91 #4 Posted Jun 17 2019 - 00:25

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I agree with what @Xrays_ is saying... and dealing with random teammates is more than enough.

Some of the removed maps are as good as or even better than the recent additions (only two matches on Kharkov so no good feel yet).  New maps don't make money so WG does not have a critical interest or desire to invest resources.

WG needs to open the map dev software again and see what the community can come up with...  


cheapbooks #5 Posted Jun 17 2019 - 08:40


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one way to randomize maps is to take existing maps and flatten them (lower the hills and raise the lowlands). not completely flatten, but make them a little more flat, and then use them in the lower tiers like tier 2 and 3.



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