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T92 set up for FL help

on sale in the tech tree for

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tod914 #1 Posted Jun 17 2019 - 02:30


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Hey all.  Didn't see any recent posts on the T92.  Figured this post might help some other T92 newbies as well.  Purchased one being it's on sale in the tech tree now. 


I'll be Running a 3 skill T49 crew.  Regarding setup for Frontline, what do you guys suggest?


I just slapped on Vert, rammer, and optics.  small repair, small first aid, Large fire.


Ammo 45 10 5. 


First off, how prone is this tank to fires?  Feasible to run food instead of fire?


Do you have a better equipment & ammo load out suggestion for FL?



heavymetal1967 #2 Posted Jun 17 2019 - 02:54


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I just got it so can't say for fires as I've had none in the handful of games I had.


But from posts I've seen engine is prone to getting hit.  And mines got hit pretty often for the few games I've played.  So without the extra fire protection of a large extinguisher I wonder if I'd have got ignited on at least some of those hits.  To clarify engine didn't get taken completely out but once.


Read a few threads/posts including one by Scorp who suggested carrying a large extinguisher.


OK found it and he mentioned it getting patched re: the engine hp.  Just checked wot.gg and they must have patched it since his post.  He mentions it having 104 engine hp which is as he states closer to a damaged engine. 


Wot.gg has it listed at 260 full so it definitely got buffed. 


Scorp's thread, http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/563059-%E2%98%85-t92-light-tank-review-advent-calendar-day-1-%E2%98%85/


Was (well still am atm) running Rammer, optics and binos for a placeholder.  Thinking vents till I read Scorp's post.  Still on the fence if it needs a stab or not till I run some more games.  Leaning towards vents though, but I've been running a crew with bia and gun handling skills maxed.  Grinding a crew without bia and/or gun handling may make a stab more attractive.



tod914 #3 Posted Jun 17 2019 - 03:08


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 I was poking around Scorps reviews last night.  Wanted see what he said regarding the 113.  I must of missed the T92.  Thanks bud.  That was 2017.  No wonder I forgot about it lol.


If memory serves me right, I think Guido might done a review as well.

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simba90 #4 Posted Jun 17 2019 - 04:40

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Run Rammer, vents and optics.

The vert stab is of minimal value given that the bloom stats of the tank are so low.

Vents to help with camo / vr / mobilty and the optics to boost VR.


I haven't tried it but you could even give vents/ optics / binos a run to see if it works in FL. 

I wouldn't recommend dropping the rammer for pub battles though.

Saydzhi #5 Posted Jun 19 2019 - 06:23

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I want to like it, but the T92 seems a second fiddle to the Lt-432 or HWK30. 

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QuicksilverJPR #6 Posted Jun 20 2019 - 21:53


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The T92 is fun (for me, as I have a super crew from my Sheridan to throw into it), but compared to other tanks in the game, it is now sorely lacking.  It's not fast enough, doesn't have enough damage per shot, which means you need to expose yourself more to shoot, and it's premium round is pretty much crap that is super expensive (might as well give it the same stats as the ammunition from the Chinese M41D).  It's more passive than I would like for an American light tank, when their entire line is much more combat oriented.  That being said, I'm close to three marking it, and I haven't even tried that hard to do so...


So I really don't know where it fits into the schemes of the current game, except to say that I enjoy it since it's a definitely change-up from typical American light tanks.

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