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Dedicated to the Good LT fella and the Awful Arty player in Every Battle

team damage team killing arty artillery remove team damage already remove TK its been a decade havent we had enough of TK.

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Addicted2Trance #1 Posted Jun 17 2019 - 09:08


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This post is dedicated to the Light Tank player who bust their behind spotting AND doing damage. Yes, to your surprise LTs have to carry on some of the team's damage especially in flanking situations.


This post is dedicated to the foolish Arty player, who assumes they know better than most; whose win rate speaks tons about their shallow understanding of the game; and who would team kill the only LT doing actual spotting AND damage in a critical position on the map.


This post is dedicated to every team killer, who and i quote Mr. Arty "doesn't give a crap about winning or team damage".


This post is specifically dedicated to Wargaming. It has been 10 years already. We know you teased before about removing team damage. We know it works well in Front Line mode and it has drastically changed how team members react. Make it happen already! Enough losing battles cause one arsshole does NOT, nor want to, understand how each tank type can multi-role and Will affect the end result in doing so.


Clearly, Mr. Arty, your Personal Rating, Winrate, Frags, Medals etc. (not to mention wn8) screams of your lack of understanding or appreciation of WoT and the multi-roled tanks. Many of us have coated optics on our capable HTs to provide spotting damage on the front line, it's not foolish. Many brawl with their TDs rather than camp. And as does its older brother, a LT can and should fire flanking shots from a far Especially if that enemy target is a FV4201 Chieftain who solely can carry its team to win!! Just cause you can't understand how/why some people have higher win rate than others, doesn't mean you can nuke a teammate outta the battle and the team's chances to a win!


Hopefully, this time WG appreciates the essence of this post (especially that i removed player's names) and not give me a strike nor remove the post.


Animul #2 Posted Jun 17 2019 - 10:29

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Mankoi #3 Posted Jun 17 2019 - 11:42


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I have seen far worst LT players compared to that arty one

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LeaveIT2Beaver #4 Posted Jun 17 2019 - 13:00


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Account statistics do not pay the bills. It's a game.   WG has forced arty into the missions. It is what it is. Live and let live, that is what I have come to think about it. 

WhineMaker #5 Posted Jun 17 2019 - 14:41


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OP doesn't realize WoT is only a game and played for FUNSIES and entertainment only, by many... :facepalm:


Am I actually supposed to care what my WR, WN8, Frags, or whatever pixel medal OP is obsessed about?



Ummmmmm Nope... :P


If you need the more competitive side of WoT, stick to CW, where you have some semblance of control over your team's composition and tactics...


...or keep your expectations far too high for a group of randoms players to ever maintain... :P

dave_292 #6 Posted Jun 17 2019 - 14:54

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 It has little to do with arty. I had a guy TK our last light who was spotting because he was not spotting in the right area for him. This is why I stopped running Premium and cut gold. I have had great games or potential game cut short by some axx who thought he new better. 

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