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Trade in Event: Which tank should i looking for..

Trade in Premium T34 T8 premium

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Zuikakoo #21 Posted Jun 24 2019 - 08:30

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I would strongly suggest the WZ-120-1-g-ft.   This thing has almost everything you could desire, better camo than a borsig, better armor than a T44, and the same gun as the 113 Tier 10 heavy tank.   Its got high alpha and high DPM.    She's light on her tracks with better hull traverse than a Skorpion G's turret traverse, she's got a good top speed and she'll get to it quick.   She's got some downsides, the line she supports is pure garbage, the only chinese TD worth playing is this one, and she's down on HP, you try to slug it out with a TS-5 or a ISU152 you won't be happy with it.  But you've got better pen than a Skorpion G, with standard AP, the gun is slightly derpy but the good pen will forgive. But you've got the armor and the mobility to go with a push, just don't lead it.

jeremy1992 #22 Posted Jun 24 2019 - 19:46


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Thanks everyone for your opinions, i trade it for the Strv S1 cause i love my Udes playstyle, so now i have premium udes that makes more credits, pen of 288 and more armor than udes, i played like 10 battles already and like McDonald's, in lovin' it

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