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Panzer 'flip' Wagen ... worst tier 10 light if not just worst Tier 10

light scout panzerwagen

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Sgt_Fuzzy_Bootz #1 Posted Jun 23 2019 - 03:43


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FFS WG fix this kaka ... worst light tank EVER.

Unstable, can flip on flat ground.

Pitiful alpha.

Terrible gun handling.

Worse camo than tier 10 russian meds.

Same viewrange as some Tier 10 meds.


WG have always treated light tanks like a 'poor cousin' ... and now there's wheeled vehicles, which now remove most of your opportunities for active scouting, negating viewrange. If you take them on you lose, if you don't the team gets wrecked. Great work WG.


I've stop renewing my Premium account and seeing as I still like playing my other 'good' T10 lights, I have sold half the tanks (132 to 70) in my garage to finance this and will continue up to my Tier 10 heavies and some meds.

So this is my exit strategy and you'll lose another NA player but what the hell, you've always got bots and RAASHAA.


Watch a great players recent opinion. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J9nRsUPANrc TDLR: It's rubbish


WG in the supermarket of life, use the far que to pay.

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Cowcat137 #2 Posted Jun 23 2019 - 04:24


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German tanks are cursed

Light tanks are cursed.

When you combine the two you've achieved the worst.

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