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STB1 Pre vs After changes

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AverageWannabe #1 Posted Jun 25 2019 - 23:26


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So, how do you like the new stb1 compared to the old one? Did it change for the better? Is it funner to play now?

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grandthefttankV #2 Posted Jun 25 2019 - 23:27


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I love the lowrider hydraulics.

tod914 #3 Posted Jun 25 2019 - 23:35


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Not happy with the hydros.  In order to get the max gun elevation, you have to stop.  I also prefer the old alpha back.  Ditch the hydros or make it work like the Tds', but with faster speed while deployed.  I'd take the old version over these new changes.

stryker105mm #4 Posted Jun 25 2019 - 23:56

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the old gun on the stb 1 with apcr rounds is better. wg always takes the good away and give trash. way 2 go. give me a slower round. that is why i went down that line i liked the speed of the old rounds. its not any better than it was. 

PapioTitan #5 Posted Jun 26 2019 - 01:02

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SporkBoy #6 Posted Jun 26 2019 - 01:31


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Miss the shell velocity but it still plays well.

vyle02 #7 Posted Jun 26 2019 - 01:48

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I like the new version much better, its a lot more fun to play, however I don't care for the hydro system, you give up having 10 deg all the time to have 12 just over the front when your going very slow and you have to stop or slow significantly to activate it. I would rather have the 10 all the time, that being said the gun handling, improved turret armor and mobility makes it play better and is a lot more competitive than it was before. 

Avalon304 #8 Posted Jun 26 2019 - 02:24


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Way better now.

TankFullOfBourbon #9 Posted Jun 27 2019 - 13:11


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I didn't have much experience of the STB-1 before but I hated it and I can't say I hate the STB-1 any less after the changes. I find it a frigging difficult tank to play and I find little use for the new hydralics. I do realize that I haven't played enough to have formed a solid opinion on the STB-1 yet but up to know it is a stinker (for me).

ManOwar__ #10 Posted Jun 27 2019 - 14:20


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It feels nice to play and feels more mobile which is good. To me the introduction of the hydraulic suspension and reduction of all the time gun depression has increased its skill cap. Novices to the tank won't utilize the new mechanics to its full advantage while more skilled players will make it perform really well. I've enjoyed it so far but wish they would have left shell velocity alone :/

leeuniverse #11 Posted Jun 27 2019 - 17:40


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I can't say for sure...


I liked the STB-1 before the Great Physics Nerf, but after it every tank I used to want, including 80% of my garage became crap, so I'm assuming the same happened to the STB.

I now officially have it, deciding to go for it due to the "changes".


It seems to perform well.

The reload is sweet.

The Hydro is wonki, since you have to stop and wait for it to engage, it's caused me to miss shots cause it won't go down when it should.

For some reason even though I seem to be doing well in the tank, both it and the Leo 1 I have crap Winrates, don't know why.  Maybe I've just been super unlucky?

Don't have that problem in most of my other med's I play.


Otherwise, the tank is enjoyable.  Seem worth it.

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