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New Player Experience SUCKS

new player experience

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Acme1970 #161 Posted Oct 16 2019 - 22:47


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View PostKINGN0VA, on Jun 26 2019 - 22:15, said:

So, I've invited a friend to play the game. I'm trying my best to play the lower tiers with him to help him GRIND through the absolutely unrewarding and horrible experience. For the love of creation please do something about this... These tanks suck, the whole experience sucks. How I got through it all those years ago? I don't know - maybe comparatively then it wasn't so bad, but now there is zero appeal to playing such [edited]gameplay.


It's just stupid to have a system the promotes more seasoned players to participate in these tiers simply because they have better crews and more experience. And GET RID OF 50% crews... omg how dumb can your producers be to think that this adds ANY depth or value at the lower tiers. 50% crews are just stupid to begin with... Tanks has had plenty of time to mature and figure this out. STOP CHARGING PEOPLE TO MOVE THEIR CREWS UP AS THEY TIER UP... THAT'S AN IMMEDIATE TURNOFF. A WASTE.


This is such a glaring issue it's unbelievable that it's still like this all these years later.


Your right on all counts, a lot of the tank rewards vehicles i have are tier III and i never play them for these very reasons, guys in Pz IIJ's spamming rapid fire gold rounds at you, cmon get a life and to be very honest i tell anyone who asks me about this game to stay away from it especially my friends because if i invited them to play this game they probably wouldn't be my friends for very long.

325th_MI_Battalion #162 Posted Oct 16 2019 - 22:54

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New Player Experience SUCKS... No it doesn't.

I had to grind my way up just like everyone else.

It's a FREE to PLAY GAME..... if you don't like having to work at it, then go elsewhere.

I am not a top tier player and don't plan on becoming one. I come on each day play for a few hours, NOT 24/7/365.

A good thing for all newcomers is to watch the Training Videos, and try not to be that TIMMY guy.

Plus watch the various review videos of the types of tanks you are playing, these can give you many ideas on how to play your tank and improve.

Do not gauge success success by how many battles you win, unless you are the one who is carrying your team to VICTORY.

They don't call them RANDOM matches for nothing, you have no idea who is on your team and how bad ( usually) or good they are.

If you have some friends who play then team up with them, maybe join a clan that can help you.

Whining about a new player experience is a joke, if the game was super easy to learn and play, it would be boring.

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