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Sniperstein's Event Strategy

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Sniperstein #1 Posted Jun 28 2019 - 15:04


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!. Keep in mind that a lot of players want a Free Tank (!), so it's gonna be fast & furious. You are gonna have to work for it. Basic Tactic: advance to cover, snipe, repeat... use the mini-map, & check your flanks & rear: there's always some joker coming to blindside you.

2. Save up 5-10 Premium Time Certificates for the Event.

3. Save up a couple million Credits to burn off during the Event: use APCR & your Consumable Boosts in heaping doses.

4. Premium Time run out? Play your Premium Tanks to ease up on all those Credits you are chewing through.

5 Divide the Missions or Levels you have to earn by the number of days the Event is on. This is the minimum you have to get per day.

6. Consider saving a percent of the Experience & Credit Boosters you earn to help your After-Event Recovery. (When the rampant ferocity dies down.)

7. Use the Free Experience 1:1 Option in Crew Skills to ease up on all those Credits you are blasting through.

8. Try to set a Minimum Performance Standard for yourself. Example: Absolute Minimum Damage Quota = Tier(100) + 100, … or Tier(200), or something that you think you should be able to get any round.. If you don't make it, try harder next round.

cKy_ #2 Posted Jun 28 2019 - 15:17


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Did I miss the memo, or what?

RSH427R #3 Posted Jun 28 2019 - 15:33

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I was scratching my head on this one as well, I thought I missed something....

GeorgePreddy #4 Posted Jun 28 2019 - 15:46


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Reads like the wet dream of a player with zero battles.







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