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★ Tech Tree Overview / Review - American Tanks ★

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Scorpiany #1 Posted Jun 29 2019 - 01:27


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This series / guide will provide a quick overview of all Tier 5-10 tanks in the American tech tree. I will highlight anything that makes the tanks special or frustrating, then give them a rating.


The rating scale will be as follows:

Terrible Tanks which are ones you should avoid playing if at all possible. If you're going to Free XP a tank, these are the ones to do it.

Bad - Tanks which are outclassed by most other similar vehicles at their Tier, and often perform worse than the good tanks at a Tier lower.

Situational - These are tanks which may be very good in the right situation, but may be very vulnerable in others.

Average - Run of the mill, forgettable tanks. These are vehicles which are playable, and aren't that bad, but they don't have anything going for them either.

Good - These are vehicles that are generally a good playing experience, and can sometimes carry battles. At the very least, they can punch their own weight.

Great - Tanks which can be relied on to consistently put out good battle results and can easily win battles, even ones where you're seemingly out-gunned.

Competitive - These are vehicles which may be used in a competitive setting, such as for Strongholds, Tournaments or Clan Wars.


We'll start at the Tier 10 tanks, and work our way down to the Tier 5's. I will not cover Premium tanks, although I will give a mention to the Tier 10 reward tanks. Let's get started, shall we?


Tier 10's:

T110E5: Average

The T110E5 was once a powerhouse, and could have easily been considered one of the most well-rounded Tier 10 tanks. Now, it's a shadow of its former self. Powercreep has hit the E5 hard, and tanks such as the Super Conqueror, 60TP and Cheiftain have completely taken over the spotlight. E5 isn't a bad tank per se, but there's really no reason to play it in place of some of its competition.


T57 Heavy: Good

​The T57 Heavy is still a dangerous opponent when driven by a skilled player. It can be somewhat situational when it comes to maps and positions, but overall it will still put out good results. It's rarely competitive with just a few exceptions, but it's still a fun tank to play and still has by far the deadliest autoloader on a turreted tank.


M48 Patton: Great

​The M48 Patton's HD remodel fixed the tank's major previous flaw, which was lackluster armor. Now, it has decent protection which can make it an effective ridgeline warrior. However, the highlight of the Patton is by far its amazing gun. With some of the best stabilization values in the game, the Patton is the god of snapshots. Even most Russian mediums can't compete with the Patton's gun handling. It will almost never see use in competitive play, but for Random Battles, it's an amazing tank to have in your Garage.


T95E6 (CW Reward): Good

​The T95E6 was quite a bad tank when it was first released. However, WG has buffed it twice since then, with the last buff being the most significant for the tank. They significantly improved its gun handling and gave it a major engine power increase. Now, it's actually a very well rounded tank, and is generally a better version of the AMX 30B. It still has its drawbacks, and by no means should it be your first choice of reward tank. However, it can be a fairly fun and unique tank to own, and if you already have the 907 and Cheiftain, you won't regret picking one up.


T110E3: Situational

​The T110E3 is the dictionary definition of a situational tank. When it can sit hulldown and block off a corridor, it may seem like an absolute God, like Thanos with the Infinity Guantlet. However, as soon as it's caught out of position it's a slow, lumbering target that's super easy to track and take out. Some people love it - But it's only a good tank in the right situation. Far too often, you'll find yourself frustrating playing it and getting out-played by anyone with a turret.


T110E4: Good

​The T110E4 is a tank hated by many, but it's still a good performer. A turreted TD with 750 alpha is never something to underestimate, especially when it has a bit of armor to go along with it. That being said, both the gun and armor can be unreliable - But played correctly, the E4 will still put out decent results. You have to be careful when playing it, and you shouldn't completely disregard it.


Sheridan: Good

​The Sheridan isn't a competitive tank by any means, but it's still a fun tank to play and has some interesting characteristics that will allow you to put out some decent results. The choice of guns is also nice to have, although in general the 105mm is the better gun to use. The Sheridan has some spaced armor covering the sides too, which can catch people slinging HE shells off guard.


T92 HMC: Average

​The T92 is often a major disappointment after playing through the M53/55. The T92 is slow, has no gun depression and has a much less reliable gun. However, it's gun still puts out massive damage if you can score a direct hit. It's not a bad arty piece, but it's more of a one-trick pony than anything else.


Tier 9's:

M103: Average

The M103 is yet another victim of powercreep, just like the T110E5. It's not a bad tank - The armor is still usable, and the gun is still pretty punchy. However, its British and Polish counterparts are far superior tanks to play. It's a forgettable tank, followed by yet another forgettable tank.


M46 Patton: Good, Competitive

The M46 Patton is a very solid tank. Tier 9 mediums in general are mostly good performers however, and the M46 Patton doesn't always shine past its Soviet counterparts. The Patton is a very well-rounded and flexible tank, which gives it its unique flavor. I'd argue the M48 Patton is a better tank Tier-for-Tier, but the Tier 9 Patton is still solid. You can expect to see the M46 Patton in tournament matches too.


T54E1: Situational

The T54E1 would be a decently well-rounded autoloader, if it weren't for one fatal flaw - Its absolutely anemic penetration values. Unless you're willing to sling full APCR, the T54E1 often times will struggle to consistently put out good damage results. In the right matchup, it can still be a beast. Other times, it may just be more frustrating than anything else.


T95: Situational

The T95 is just as situational as the T110E3. The E3 has a punchier gun with much better DPM values, but the T95 has a smaller lower plate and tougher side armor.


T30: Good

The T30 is often considered a better tank Tier-for-Tier than the T110E4, primarily because of its 10 degrees of gun depression and tougher turret. However, the T30 is really just a T34 with a bigger gun. It's slower than the E4 and doesn't have any hull armor to work with. It's a ridgeline warrior more than anything else, and can feel more slower-paced than the E4. As such, whether you prefer the T30 or E4 will come down to your playstyle. Either way though, T30 is likely a tank you will enjoy playing through.


T49: Good

The T49 is a tank that's most infamous for its 152mm derp gun, but also has a fairly competitive 90mm mounted on it. It's a decent tank, that can be loads of fun regardless of which gun you decide to mount on it.


M53/55: Great, Competitive

The M53/55 is an arty piece that brings back Vietnam flashbacks and an "Oh [edited], here we go again" at the same time for people who see it on the enemy team's list. It's a great arty piece, with a turret, gun depression, mobility and a good balance of damage output and gun reliability. Run... Just run away!


Tier 8's:

T32: Bad

For the longest time, I'd consider the T32 a situational tank. However, the T32 is by far one of the biggest victims of powercreep in the game. While its turret armor is still legendary, the tank has nothing else going for it. You'll be able to hold a ridgeline, sure - But beyond that you're useless. The guns are anemic and require loads of APCR to make use of them. The tank is slow and its hull armor is poor too. I'd generally avoid this tank, unless you have loads of credits to spend on APCR and you absolutely love sitting on ridgelines.


Pershing: Average

The Pershing, like many other tanks in the American Tech Tree, has been power-creeped by better and better Tier 8 mediums - Many of them being Premium tanks. It's not a bad tank - But as with the T32, it needs loads of APCR to make work well. At least its more well-rounded than the T32, which gives it a much better gameplay experience already. Nonetheless, it's most likely going to be a forgettable tank for you, and just another Tier 8 medium.


T69: Bad

Another victim of powercreep! The T69's penetration is anemic, and rarely finds itself in a position where it can make use of its gun. The armor is poor, the mobility is decent, and the gun is very unreliable. HEAT makes things a bit better, but HEAT shells are notoriously unreliable. It's not a tank you should play, even if you're an avid fan of autoloaders. And the T69 compared to the Progetto? That's just nightmare fuel in the making.


T28: Situational

The T28 is yet another situational turretless TD. Tier-for-Tier, its armor isn't nearly as good as the T95 or E3. The gun however, can catch some people by surprise with its surprisingly good rate of fire.


T28 Prototype: Bad

T28 Prototype is a tank that's very easy to catch out of position, and while you'd think the turret would make it a bit more forgiving than its turretless counterpart, often times the extremely thin side armor, the flat turret armor and massive engine deck makes it evaporate from the battlefield as soon as the enemy puts you in their sites. In the right situation, it can get some decent results, especially if it's Top Tier. However, a tank that has to rely on the MM to get good results isn't much of a tank at all, is it?


M41 Bulldog: Average

Once a feared powerhouse of the battlefield, ever since it lost its autoloader, the Bulldog is often times overlooked. It's not a bad light, but it's outclassed by Premium counterparts. What a surprise! Powercreep hits yet another tank.


M40/M43: Average

The M40 at Tier 8 is similar to what the T92 is at Tier 10. It's a one-tricky piggy, with a big gun, but not much else going for it.


Tier 7's:

T29: Great, Competitive

The T29 is by far the highlight of the American heavy line. It's a great tank at Tier 7, and can punch its weight against higher Tiered opponents. In many ways, the T32 feels as though it didn't get any real upgrades over the T29. The penetration is the same, mobility is similar and the armor is no better Tier-for-Tier. The T29 is a tank that's resilient to powercreep and will often see play in tournaments too. Grind to the T29, and stop there. Going any further will be a waste of your time.


T20: Average

T20, just like the Pershing, benefits from liberal use of APCR shells. However, it hasn't really been powercreeped as the Pershing has. It's just that many Tier 7 mediums are mediocre tanks to begin with, and the T20 really is no different.


T25 AT: Good

The T25 AT is often overlooked, but really shouldn't be! It's a good tank, and surprisingly quick too. Its gun is better than the T29's too! Unfortunately, its armor is definitely lacking, and the lack of a turret makes it a disappointment after the Jackson for many. However, it's not a tank to disregard either. Even if turretless TD's aren't quite your thing, you most likely will enjoy your time with the T25 AT.


T25/2: Good

The T25/2, just like the T25 AT, is disregarded by many. However, when you compare it to the T20, it becomes a surprisingly good proposition. The tank will play similarly to the T20, but will have a much more reliable gun. Frankly, I'd say the T25/2 is a better medium tank than most Tier 7 mediums!


T71 DA: Great, Competitive

T71 DA is a spectacular tank, with a powerhouse of an autoloader. The penetration is definitely lacking compared to most Tier 7 tanks, but its 900 damage clip potential, great mobility and even decent stabilization values makes it a tank worthwhile having in your Garage. Definitely expect to see a few of these running around in Tier 7 tournaments.


T71 CMCD: Great

T71 CMCD on paper looks like a better tank than the T71 DA. It has better gun stats and better mobility stats! However, the lack of an autolaoder doesn't make it nearly as intimidating of an opponent. You shouldn't underestimate the CMCD variant though! it has some of the best effective traverse speeds in the game, and is still a beast of a Tier 7 light tank. It just won't be used in tournaments, unlike the T71 DA.


M12: Good

The M12 is definitely more flexible than some of its higher Tiered variants, mostly because of the better gun stats and faster rate of fire. It's also quicker than you may expect, with some pretty solid engine power behind it.


Tier 6's:

M6: Good, Competitive

The M6 is a tank forgotten by many, but it shouldn't be. It has a punchy gun, decent mobility and good view range. It's no T29, but it's still a formidable opponent driven by a good player. You may occasionally see these in tournaments as well, although there are a handful of other competitive Tier 6 heavies as well.


M4A3E2 (Jumbo): Good, Competitive

Stock turret and 105mm howitzer. If you're not using this combo, you're doing it wrong. Sure, you can technically play it any way you want, but let's be honest here - The stock turret and 105mm gives this tank the character that makes it special for many players. The Jumbo can definitely struggle in bottom Tiered matchups, but in general you'll find yourself putting out good damage results. In Tier 6 tournaments, you may see these things slinging HEAT at you as well.


M4A3E8 (Easy 8): Good

The Easy 8 is a tank loved by many, but frankly it's just not as great of a tank as people may say. It's certainly still a good performer, but just as with the Jumbo, it will struggle in bottom Tiered matchups. You'll also find yourself shooting quite a few APCR shells out of it.


Jackson: Great

Just as with the T25/2, the Jackson is to be played more like a medium tank than a tank destroyer. However, the Jackson's gun performance at Tier 6 is often considered to be better Tier-for-Tier than the T25/2. This makes it a formidable opponent to fight against, especially when it's driven by a skillful player.


Hellcat: Average

The Hellcat used to be one of the most overpowered sealclubbers in the game, until WG more or less neutered it. Now, the Hellcat is a shadow of its former self. The gun can be unreliable and frustrating, the tank is quick in a straight line but doesn't have any of the nimble character it once had. It's not a bad tank, but it's just a disappointment, especially after you've played through the T67.


T21: Average

The T21 is easily outclassed by the Type 64. It's not that bad of a tank, but its lacking DPM and lacking top speed just makes it a far less competitive tank than its Chinese counterpart.


T37: Good

The T37 is also a shadow of its former shell, but it wasn't hit quite as hard as the Hellcat was. The T37 still has some amazing gun stabilization, which gives it some character, but its anemic accuracy makes it a questionable tank to play at times.


M44: Great, Competitive

The M44 is like the Tier 6 version of the M53. It has a reliable gun, decent damage output and a wide gun arc. Not to mention it's super quick! This tank is the bane of many Tier 6 players, and even higher Tiered opponents will hate seeing these things on the enemy team list.


Tier 5's:

T1 Heavy: Great, Competitive

T1 Heavy has decent mobility and decent armor for a Tier 5 heavy, but also has a gun very similar to the T67's! This is not a tank to underestimate, and while it can be outplayed by a good player, it can pull some great carries too! You'll also see plenty of these in Tier 5 tournaments, although not nearly as many as the Soviet Tier 5 heavies.


M4 Sherman: Good

The M4 Sherman is a well-rounded Tier 5 tank. It has great view range, great gun depression and a little bit of armor to go along with it. However, the derp gun isn't all that great, and the 76mm has horrific DPM values. Nonetheless, it's a decent tank to play and will be a good experience for many players, whether they're new to the game or experienced tankers.


Wolverine: Great, Competitive

While many believe the Wolverine to be out-shadowed by the T67, this really isn't true. The Wolverine's gun performance is even better than the T67's, and the spectacular 370m of View Range allows you to spot your opponents at great distances even with Coated Optics. It also has enough armor to usually avoid getting penetrated by the 105mm derp guns which are so plentiful at Tier 5. It may not be the stealth seal clubber than the T67 is, but it's still a powerhouse in its own regard and is easily one of the best Tier 5 tanks in the game. While you may not see many of these in tournaments, it's really a hidden gem and is a tank that should see a lot more tournament usage than it currently does.


T67: Great, Competitive

The T67 is one of the most infamous seal clubbing and stat padding tanks in the game. It has insane mobility values and absolutely ludicrous camo values. In many ways, it's like the E-25 of Tier 5, except it has a turret but worse accuracy values. This is also a very competitive tank that you'll see plenty of in tournaments. If you're a new player, these tanks may be the bane of your existence for a while. You really need to master the camo mechanics in the game to know how to counter one of these cockroaches, and even then there will be times when you can't really do anything against it.


M7: Bad

While the M7 is a pretty decent scout, it's suffered the same fate as the Hellcat. Its gun was completely butchered, and the tank as a whole is an underwhelming experience. It used to be one of the best Tier 5's in the game, but now it's one of the worst. The anemic gun will frustrate you far more than its good mobility / view range stats. The poor gun stabilization values really are the final nail in the coffin for this tank.


Chaffee: Average

The Chaffee's gun is also quite poor, but its good stabilization values make it a better tank to play with than the M7. While the Chaffee's penetration values are worse than the M7's, the Chaffee has better DPM. The Chaffee isn't quite as agile, but has better acceleration. It's mostly an average and forgettable tank, which is a shame for many 2013 WoT players.


M41 HMC: Good

M41 HMC is often overlooked because of the M44, but it's still a decent arty piece. It's still relatively quick, has a decent gun arc and has a punchy gun for the Tier. The gun just doesn't have nearly the same accuracy / aiming time / rate of fire that makes the M44 so deadly.


And there you have it! A comprehensive overview of all Tier 5-10 tanks in the American Tech Tree, along with the T95E6.


Hopefully this guide / overview is useful, and helps you make better decisions about which tanks to grind through or keep!


+1's are appreciated as always, as these guides take a lot of effort.

Scorpiany #2 Posted Jun 29 2019 - 01:31


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The American tech tree in general is known for having well-rounded tanks. Unfortunately, the American tech tree has also suffered from powercreep a lot more than most of the other tech trees. It's quite the shame really. The T110E5 was the first Tier 10 I got, way back in 2014. It's amazing how much the game has changed since then, and just how badly the T32, M103 and T110E5 have been powercreeped.


Even the Pershing, which several years ago I'd have given very high remarks, can only be considered an average and forgettable medium tank in the current meta.


And yes, I'm finally back to making content again! :honoring:

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gmotoman #3 Posted Jun 29 2019 - 01:34


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Jumbo E2 is easily my favorite tier 6 tank.   Just fun to play win or lose IMHO.

saru_richard #4 Posted Jun 29 2019 - 01:39


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T1 Heavy is best Tier 5 heavy,it is heresy to say otherwise 

Get_Off_My_Lawn54 #5 Posted Jun 29 2019 - 02:05


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Welcome back :-)


JakeTheMystic #6 Posted Jun 29 2019 - 02:23


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This post triggers me so much that i'm just going to steal it and update it for you. 

StoveBolt54 #7 Posted Jun 29 2019 - 02:27


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View Postgmotoman, on Jun 28 2019 - 17:34, said:

Jumbo E2 is easily my favorite tier 6 tank.   Just fun to play win or lose IMHO.


Man, its a fun tank.

AverageWannabe #8 Posted Jun 29 2019 - 02:43


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you forgot the m60 i believe?

Jak_Atackka #9 Posted Jun 29 2019 - 02:45


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Great post!

I agree with a lot of your assessments, but I disagree on some of them:

T30: Great

Personally I would call this vehicle "Great", because it is the only heavy-like vehicle at tier 9 with a 750 alpha gun. However, I don't strongly disagree with labeling it "Good" as you have.

T28 Prototype: Average

Even your own description describes it as situational, which should automatically earn it at least that label. More importantly, it is a support heavy with okay armor and a helluva gun. Your review suggests that you're playing it as a TD, which it really isn't built for. It's a brawler with some weaknesses: between its armor and low HP pool, it's about a third worse than the average tier 8 HT at brawling, but it has at least a third better firepower. Seriously, compare that gun to any tier 8 HT's gun and you'll see the difference. It always has a potent gun, with reasonable alpha, solid DPM, and enough pen to be relevant in any matchup.

I recently played through this tank again, and I don't think it's great, but it's at least "Average". A tier 9.5 gun goes a long way at tier 8.

M40/M43: Good

I think it's the general opinion (as well as my own) that this is the best tier 8 SPG. At the very least, that should earn it the label "Good".

T20: Great

It's one of the few tier 7 MTs with a really good gun. Good alpha, amazing APCR penetration, good flexibility, 10 degrees of gun depression, what's not to like? Well, the armor's no good and the DPM is a bit lacking, but tier 7 MTs make lots of tradeoffs and this vehicle is one of the few that's the best for it.

T25/2: Average

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad that you're one of the few players to recognize that this tank isn't awful. However, it has way less HP than the T20 while being less flexible, two traits that are critical to a tier 7 MT being able to succeed. Tier 7 is where TDs start to get really good guns, and this vehicle is notably left behind. Rating this above the T20 is a very questionable decision.

M6: Good

No disagreements here, I'm just really glad that others recognize the utility of the M6.

Hellcat: Great

You're comparing this tank to its past (blatantly OP) self instead of, you know, its current competition. You list the Jackson as great (and it is indeed a respectable TD), but is the Hellcat seriously that much worse? The gun is less accurate and has worse DPM, but when it comes to flexibility, there is no comparison. 42 km/h top speed vs 72 km/h? The Hellcat is able to relocate, take up advanced positions, and exploit or plug holes in flanks better than the Jackson can ever dream of. The Hellcat may have awful armor, but let's be honest, it's not like the Jackson likes getting shot either.

T21: Good

Now admittedly, I haven't played it much since the rebalance, but based on the paper stats, it has way better accuracy than the T37. 0.36 base dispersion vs 0.45? The T37 may have a better top speed (65 km/h vs 57 km/h), but the T21 actually has slightly better acceleration, noticeably better hull traverse, and let's be honest, that difference in top speed isn't significant in most real-world scenarios. It's also much smaller than the T37.

Besides, I wouldn't compare any tier 6 LT to the Type 64, seeing as the latter is extremely overpowered.

T1 Heavy: Good

I feel like this vehicle is overrated. The armor doesn't work very well and the gun really isn't that great (the accuracy and gun handling are both bad). Sure, it has a lot of hitpoints, but so do lots of heavy tanks, and those tend to get better guns and/or better armor. The mobility is very nice, but it's not enough that you can play it like a medium tank. I feel like the vehicle is much less capable in a brawl, even if it's arriving a little bit sooner.

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Scorpiany #10 Posted Jun 29 2019 - 02:46


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View PostVonStaufen, on Jun 28 2019 - 19:43, said:

you forgot the m60 i believe?

That is very true. I'll add that in.

KaiserWilhelmShatner #11 Posted Jun 29 2019 - 04:31


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Waiting for WG to sell us the M7 Med back as a premium.

Cowcat137 #12 Posted Jun 29 2019 - 04:37


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That was a giant post, but fortunately a very interesting one. Thanks for putting in the work.

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