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Season 12 Ideas for the Global Map

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1984BigBrother #1 Posted Jun 29 2019 - 21:01

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I have received 2 very different ideas for Season 12 of the Global Map.


Although both of these ideas are quite different they have a lot of Similarities, No Alliance Mechanic, some kind of Division limits, reducing the power of influence and overall complexity of the map.


I do like both ideas and want to hear your opinion on them but please keep in mind I am only able to work with the existing mechanics and I have not brought either idea to the development team yet and I am not sure I will be able to deliver everything in either of these plans I will explain below the things I am not sure about in each plan and what the workaround would be.


Also, I will say that I wanted to provide you the unadulterated pitch I received from the players so I have literally copy and paste their words from a Google doc to the forums (the formatting is a little weird and there is some opinions in the topics).


"Quest Heavy Idea":




Main points and things I believe we can deliver:



Get the top/most active clans off the map to attack specific revolt provinces while letting the smaller not as active clans battle over provinces and sometimes have to play higher skill clans in defense (for a higher reward) and better rewarding activity.


A much larger amount of gold will be available via quest (specifically attacking revolts).


The map size will stay about the same so to compensate the higher gold value Quests province income will be reduced.


Potential issues:


Target Provinces - This is a main point to this plan, I am not 100% sure on how the devs will be able to implement it but if for whatever reason we can't target specific provinces with quest we could maybe do something with the gold value on the map or worst case scenario make the quest count for all revolts.


The breakdown between Quest gold and Province gold -  I know this will make or break this season but this will be most figured out via a formula that the devs use I don't have sepific figures to share but ideally the top clans (or maybe mid-tier that have a good day) will be earning more enough gold from the quest to not want to be on the map while still being able to make a modest amount from being on the map




"Province Heavy Idea":



Main points and things I believe we can deliver:

Provide a much large global map with drastically more provinces, provide an area for the top clans to fight over higher gold provinces while the mid an low tier clans have some areas to fight and get better.


Remove a lot of the new more complex features and try to make hold land a more and staying on the map the main goal


If we increase the number of provinces to the amount suggested the amount of gold from Quest will be drastically or nonexistent 


Potential issues:

"1.0 features" - I can not bring back chips and I can not bring back the old Europe map, they are not updated for this version of the client or CW. We do have some workarounds with Division limits/income limits, and we can probably make a map that includes of most of the area involved in the ground conflict in WW2 and we can most likely make the gold line up with the major conflicts.


HQ cooldown - this is the feature I am most worried about, I am not 100% sure if we can change the HQ cooldown or remove the "leave map" button, I know this is a major feature of this idea but I can not promise that it will be included in S12 after discussion with the players we decided to push forward with this proposal even if that can not be delivered. 


Maps that match the region - I am pretty sure we can make this happen but I will need to talk with the devs the basic list I got:


France & Low Countries: Fisherman's Bay, Himmelsdorf, Lakeville, Redshire, Ruinberg.

Germany, Czechia, Austria, Switzerland: Ensk, Himmelsdorf, Lakeville, Ruinberg, Westfield

Itay, Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily: Abbey, Cliff, Lakeville, Mines, Westfield

North Africa: El Halluf, Sand River, Airfield



For both ideas:

Division limits - There is not a hard cap I can put on divisions, what I think will work is with the "Dynamic Division Cost" mechanic make the first X cost a very low amount of influence and the make the next one cost 1,000,000 (or whatever unreasonable number) of influence. Plus there is also the Mechanic that make you only earn gold for X number of provinces, so it will kind of be division limits.


Influence - Both ideas call for removing influence, this basically can not be done it is involved in other mechanics that are used. We can however drastically change its value see above plan for divisions.


I understand that you all would like more details on what and how these ideas could be implemented but I will not have more information until I bring the idea to the development team and I don't want to bring both ideas and have them decide. I like both of these ideas and want to get your opinion before I make my decision.







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