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Incoming! Get a free T1E6 when you buy 30days of WoT Premium

KRZY Premium sale Free tank No Compensation sale

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KRZYBooP #1 Posted Jul 01 2019 - 18:35

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Howdy Boom Jockeys!


From now (1Jul) until 1Aug, you can get a free T1E6 when you purchase 30 days of WoT Premium. 


To purchase this for 12.99 click on the pic above!


NOTE: There is no compensation if you already own the Tank, but you get to keep the Garage slot!


For more information about the sale click HERE




diesel__1 #2 Posted Jul 01 2019 - 19:33


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Dang...too bad I don't use premium time, only drive TD's and have only 4 garage slots used up.  Ohhhhhh.........a marketing ploy....I get it! ;)

YANKEE137 #3 Posted Jul 01 2019 - 21:30


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Taylor3006 #4 Posted Jul 01 2019 - 21:39


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I actually like the low tier tanks coupled with the 30 days of premium time and buy them now and again. I don't mind tossing $12 at the game without much thought and hope they continue these packages. I just bought the BT7 package because I wanted a bit of gold and had a coupon so for $28, I got the tier 3 tank, $25 in gold, and some other things so figured it was a good deal especially since there may be some tanks on sale for gold this 4th. Normally I would jump on this package but the T1E6 seems a bit "meh" even for low tier play. I have the T7 Clown Car and it is a blast and the M2 light which is fun although I tend to flip it every time I hit a rock...  

Just want Wargaming to know that someone is paying attention to these bundles and I hope they cycle many of the low tier premium vehicles thru the program, especially those that were gift tanks and not made available for gold in the tech tree. 

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