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★ July Scavenger Hunt Codes & Easy Redeem Links ★

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headstash #281 Posted Aug 04 2019 - 16:56


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View PostScorpiany, on Jul 01 2019 - 15:54, said:

Hey folks! Looks like we got yet another Scavenger Hunt going for the NA server. All what you need to do is redeem each day's code within 2 days of it becoming available. Then just play a battle, finish in the top 10 of XP earners, and you'll get the goodies!


I've made redeeming the codes easy for you - Just check back on this Thread and click on the link for each day's code! It will take you straight to the redemption page for that specific code.


Each code contains the following:

  • (3) 50% 1-hour credit boosters
  • (3) 100% 1-hour Crew XP boosters
  • (3) 100% 1-hour battle XP boosters


You'll also get some goodies along the way!

  • 9 small consumables at 5 codes redeemed
  • 9 large consumables at 12 codes redeemed
  • Garage slot at 20 codes redeemed
  • 10,000 Combat XP at 30 codes redeemed
  • 30,000 Combat XP & 3 food consumables of each nation at 31 codes redeemed


Make sure that you're careful with which tank you play on Day 30 and 31! Wouldn't want that XP bonus to go to waste.


Day 1: Code: R2XY7CWT, CC: TRUvoodoo

Day 2: Code: EK9TEEMR, CC: Guido1212

Day 3: Code: 9F49FCJC, CC::XanderP

Day 4: Code: TWN27CMC, CC: trobsmonkey

Day 5: Code: 799ZH9TK, CC: Cody Menz

Day 6: Code: ZFMEM7FA, CC: trobsmonkey

Day 7: Code: CNTJEH2W, CC: Guido1212

Day 8: Code: YF2PWYEA, CC: trobsmonkey

Day 9: Code: ZRYM4MHK, CC: Cody Menz

Day 10: Code: XHNAAEJ9, CC: XanderP

Day 11: Code: KF64RW7F, CC: SuperNova

Day 12: Code: 2Y69F63N, CC: vergara21

Day 13: Code: CRMHKF3T, CC: Guido1212

Day 14: Code: 4TMZY6ZM, CC: OminousFyxen

Day 15: Code: Y6R3RP2P, CC: XanderP

Day 16: Code: CC4WJTYK, CC: Cody Menz

Day 17: Code: ZW7N6KXE, CC: Jerm

Day 18: Code: ZN63972A, CC: sir8j

Day 19: Code: XZ96ZT3H, CC: trobsmonkey

Day 20: Code: 9M26CJMY, CC: cody_menz

Day 21: Code: 3A94K44K, CC: vergara21

Day 22: Code: HPZKYECW, CC: vergara21

Day 23: Code: HFWJ6FZF, CC: Cody Menz

Day 24: Code: T4CHTZFN, CC: goshism

Day 25: Code: AY9TZRKF, CC: WorldofTanksNA

Day 26: Code: 7YE6KPWC, CC: Cody Menz

Day 27: Code: 979EJATW, CC: TRUvoodoo

Day 28: Code: ER2N9N6R, CC: Claus Kellerman

Day 29: Code: HRC9TPC4, CC: Claus Kellerman

Day 30: Code: WR49J6AM, CC: ???

Day 31: Code: E4A6C92J, CC: Nando Capo


Good luck, and enjoy the goodies!

phuck codes

FrontenacDuVandoo #282 Posted Aug 04 2019 - 17:11


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View Postsingncarpenter, on Aug 02 2019 - 11:03, said:

I tried to go in and play last night and the missions for collecting the goodies from the scavenger hunt were gone. I collected 27 codes and with the three given to everyone, I was expecting to do my missions, but they are not available. Is one of the rules that you have to do the missions before the end of the month? If so, that's pretty disappointing after going through a whole month of collecting them. Can someone please clarify this. I am sure I am not the only one, but maybe I am.

You had until the morning of August 1st to complete the missions, that's when they expired.

HomuraHomHom #283 Posted Aug 04 2019 - 18:02


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There will be August codes?

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