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Rddt in 2019

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The_Illusive_Man #21 Posted Sep 18 2019 - 16:18


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View PostFunPolice_, on Jul 18 2019 - 14:10, said:

I mean whatever helps you sleep at night.  You were mercilessly mocked for being such a tinfoil weirdo leading up to last campaign and were passive aggressively lashing out at everyone in response.  Leaving did people a favor since it saved anyone having to actually interact with you to let you go.  You're still an adjective used to describe anyone acting like a social pariah lol.  'Quit being illusive' means something way different than 'Quit being elusive'. 

Look no further than the delusions of grandeur required to throw stones at a clan unprovoked that hard carried you to a reward tank as a sign of your insanity.  You had like one and a half meta tanks and you have more tier 10s with sub 50% winrates than above (and no you most certainly didn't punch above your weight in them in CW...).  Its a pretty weird flex to say a clan has bad xyz when you were an active part of that detriment lol.

Feel free to PM me if still confused about the past, but this was an idiotic CR/D thread to begin with and continues to be an idiotic place to air this out, so I'm done.  Scream into the void if you feel its absolutely necessary...

Also, did yewchung die?  Shocked he hasn't posted yet.


Yes, because I was one of the people who got kicked due to that issue... yeah, ok... Before I left, the best caller in the clan would rely on me. Why? Because we play together. We know each other. Now both of us are gone. Why? Because the clan was attempting to do something that they were not ready for. Simple. If you think I was apart of the issue, then your being told lies. Anyways. Hope you have fun in that clan.

yewchung #22 Posted Nov 05 2019 - 17:08


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Any news about RDDT? 

regretfulparakeet #23 Posted Nov 17 2019 - 06:45


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View Postyewchung, on Nov 05 2019 - 11:08, said:

Any news about RDDT? 

 Yea, We still around. Just lurking. 

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