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AMX 12t Buff

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BadCorps #1 Posted Jul 04 2019 - 03:24

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The AMX 12t is underwhelming for the introduction of some more awesome tanks that appear later with the autoloaders.


It has a (relatively) low top speed and medicore view range.

Decent penetration and meh alpha (expected for autoloader).

Poor firing time (10 whole seconds) with a 18.75s reload w/ vents and BIA. 28.75 seconds to load and empty a magazine.

Magazine expected damage (Avg. Damage x Number of Shells) 540 which is not enough to take out any other tier 6 light tank. The AMD 178 has more health than the expected magazine damage of the 12t.

Low max ammo (32 rounds = 8 magazines)


Can the AMX 12t get at least 1 of its magazine shells back? And boost the max ammo to 40 rounds. The reload is long enough (though I'd put up with another second or two). 675 damage in 12.5 seconds would be good for a mainly passive scout.

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