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What is the best passive scout

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slayer6 #21 Posted Aug 09 2019 - 07:48

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View PostAZandEL, on Jul 18 2019 - 02:53, said:

I haven't played them all but IMO the ELC bis is very good. I mostly use net, optics, vents. can switch optics with binos but then if you need to be semiactive and scoot around you lose out on spots that you might have had with the optics. My concealment right now is 990.

Mine is 1107 with Camo Net, Binos, Bonds Vents, and if I include the Camo directive I can get my rating up to 1107...  That's 49.1% when moving and 59.1% when stationary...


So a TD with 500m VR, won't actually see the EVEN 90 until it is 255m away, and if it happens to be sitting in an open field with the net up, it will be spotted at 205m... 


Yeah...  At least the maps are small... mostly...

SquishySupreme #22 Posted Aug 11 2019 - 11:56

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The DPM of the EVEN 90 is not *quite* representative, as if you stretch the "DPM" to 70 seconds, it can unload the 3rd clip. ( the reload finishes at about 64 seconds )  It does about 1950 dpm every 70 seconds, and a clip in 5.5 seconds with food and equipment.  660 average in a burst and easily able to finish off wounded stragglers.  The thing is tiny(small bushes can completely swallow it), hard to hit, and goes off the radar in seconds.     It's extremely annoying and makes the other team's players rage-quit at times, late-game.  Especially when they lack the gun depression to hit you point-blank. :)

Unlike the British LTs, it DOES have a role and it does it very well.   It's basically a little troll frog with a bad attitude that can squeeze into places other tanks don't think ARE spaces to begin with.    #1 skill is 6th sense, though, and you need a good crew on it.  Spotted, it tends to end up as a crater barring good driving skills and some luck.  With good skills ( I often run better fuel vs food ), it is very hard to hit while dodging.

Loads of fun to play, overall.  Every game is different and entertaining. 

Save a coupon for it - $22 or so is about the price you should pay for it, IMO.  

Copacetic #23 Posted Aug 12 2019 - 21:13


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I love the 90

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