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SPG Mode Reticle Disappear Bug

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destroika #1 Posted Jul 11 2019 - 05:25


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So this just happened in 1 game and it's the only time I've ever seen this. In SPG mode, I had my main shot line in green or red for line of sight, but I didn't have the reticle dots that shrink in on my aiming location. Just like when your SPG is facing uphill and down range you'll have your aim line without the dots except I was readjusting my position like mad and they never showed up unless I fired. After that, they would still bug out and if I panned my screen real fast, they would disappear again. It even disappeared on me in mid-aim. I played back my replay and all the dots are there the entire time so it's useless to show. Some sort of freak, client-side thing? This happened on the M44, if that even matters.


Just did another match after a client restart and it worked normally.

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