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New or Reworked Maps for the Next Update

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Yojimbo50 #1 Posted Jul 11 2019 - 20:24

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I admit I don't have a clue how difficult it is to make a new map or bring out one of the older maps reworked.  Why can't they at least give us one or two maps added so we can have more variety in the game?  I assume new maps take some time but there were many maps removed that would be wanted by old and new members alike.  Is it really that difficult to do and if it pleases so many members why not do it?

MagillaGuerilla #2 Posted Jul 11 2019 - 20:33


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They have teams of surveyors working on new maps all over the world. They're travelling by horseback though, so it might take awhile for them to get back to Minsk.

Garandster #3 Posted Jul 11 2019 - 20:35


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Mostly it has to do with:

1. They need to do HD textures for everything

2. Deal with all the hitboxes working properly in HAVOC.

3. Fix all the balance issues


The new Frontline map took priority and it will take up a lot of time to do.


Edit: Basically reworking old maps will take as much time as making a new map

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Harvester_0f_Sorrow #4 Posted Jul 11 2019 - 22:14


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Considering you can block 1 or two maps now they should bring them all back!!!

redjkent #5 Posted Jul 12 2019 - 01:01


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i liked this game more before the switch to hd graphics, the problem is people care more about graphics these days then game play

its my understanding that making maps hd takes way longer then with the old game engine, they should have kept with it and made a sperate hd version that people have to pay for then the graphic snobs can go play that

dunniteowl #6 Posted Jul 12 2019 - 05:24


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Preface:  I will be as close to first in line as possible if that line has, "More Maps," over it.



I am not bored of any of the maps.  I don't like Empire's Border all that much.  I'm sort of growing used to Pilsen to the point I feel pretty comfy on it and I've decided that, while Minsk and Studzianki are not great maps, they're not bad maps, either as far as that goes.


Ensk and Widepark (how THAT for irony) are the two smallest maps, which actually make them harder at times to play them, especially if the tiers are higher.  (I've had a few VI and VII as bottom tier on those maps -- it wasn't all that fun being spotted the whole time you poke at all).


For me, feeling a bit too familiar with the maps is a cause for concern.  I am always attempting to explore a bit more of each map as I play on them.  Some maps I find myself picking similar locations, depending on which unit I'm pilotiing.  So I do my best to take myself to other parts of the map and see what I can do to adapt to playing over there.


I would love more maps.  That said, I am happy with the maps we have as well (I don't mean to imply that I don't want more maps, I am happy with the maps, not the number of maps) and so far have not felt like I know them entirely like the back of my hand -- hey!  Where'd that freckle come from?



More Maps Good, WG!!



Current Maps, mostly nice -- and worth exploring a bit more by probably most folks that think they really know them.  How much of those maps have you REALLY explored since they were reworked in HD or put in new since 1.0?





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